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Boys sex story: He pushed dick inside my mouth and started mouth fucking me. His balls were slapping me hard, he was very violent, it wasn’t even half in and it felt he was deepthroathing me and I wasn’t able to handle it.

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He then pushed me on to bed lying on my back with my hands behind he sat on my stomach and started pushing his dick into my mouth and I couldn’t even repel back as my arms were under my back.

It went on for nearly 20 mins and I was nearly dead as he was balls deep in my mouth so many times. I was shocked by his stamina. But feeling of his ass on my stomach was also good. He stood up while I lied there nearly unconscious.

He said breathing heavily, ‘ab samajh aaya is musal land se panga lene ka matlab’ . he then started licking my body more like eating my body, my cheeks, my neck, boobs, stomach, thighs. Until I got some sense my whole body was red with his love bites.

He then asked me to get in doggy style position. I said I am tired and can’t handle it so he said he is not putting in. I trusted him and went on all fours with no energy. He went on to lick my ass and rim it felt so good.

I could feel warmth of his tongue inside my ass, he was very gentle at first but than started eating my ass like animal but fuck it felt so good and relieving.

But then he spit on my ass and inserted two of his fingers. It was so painful, and I couldn’t handle it. I literally came down the bed and asked to him to leave.

I knew I couldn’t take one finger, how would I take that 9 inch monster. I thought he would get angry; he came near to me I thought hell slap me but he hugged me and kissed my forehead and said sorry. He said’ main samajhta hoon but kabhi na kabhi to try karna padega na’.

He kissed on lips and took me to washroom. He opened the shower, we both were wet and kissing I said I love you and he smiled. He said let’s try again.

I was nervous he asked me to face the wall and stand, the shower was still on.

He applied soap on my ass and slowly started entering one of his fingers, to my surprise it went in smooth, then second it pained a bit, then third and it was very painful. He shushed me and asked to get ready.

His cock was rock hard. He applied soap on it and inserted the head and the pain started again. The head was itself as big as four fingers.

I asked him to go slowly, he put it out and started rubbing around the whole but in one try he slipped half of it in, and I screamed like hell.

There were tears rolling my eyes. He put his hands on my mouth with fingers in. And inserted it full inside and pushing me straight into the wall leaving no chance to escape.

I cried loud; I think my ass might have stated bleeding too. But he did not care, he asked me to bear the pain for some time as it will turn into pleasure, which it did after some time.

He started stroking my dick from one hand, other in my mouth while in same position to relax me. I could not hold it and came on his hands. He laughed and made me lick my own cum while facing the wall.

He then bent me a bit and started pulling and pushing his dick, it was less painful now and I could feel him in. he started getting fast and fucked me in same position for 20 minutes. He then pulled his dick out. I was finally happy it was over, but it was not.

He made me turn towards him and picked me in his arms, I was seriously surprised by his strength and stamina even after so much fucking and word he was still at it.

He placed me close to wall holding me from one hand and inserting his monster from another, this time it went in one go. He held me in his hands and started fucking in this position.

This time it was more pleasurable then painful, I screamed and moaned ‘Sahil… malik yeah harder harder yeah yeah yesss’ after 10 mins he put me down and asked me to suck him while he leaned on the wall. He was tired finally.

This time I could taste my ass juices on it too. I voluntarily was going deep on him this time and I could see him with his closed eyes moaning, it was the best thing.

He was finally ready to cum and asked me to open my mouth. He unloaded all his thick white manly juice on my face and my mouth which I drank like it was Amrit from my malik.

It was warm, salt and sweet. I could still taste it in my mouth as it felt so good. I was about to stand but he stopped, and I understood it was time for another shower – Golden shower.

He started peeing on me, it was warm and smelly, I enjoyed it. We both kissed once again it the shower. Came out wiped ourselves with towels and he said ‘I love you too my wife’ I blushed.

He went and laid on the bed naked and asked me join, I closed the light and joined him, we were in the blanked and our naked bodies were cuddling. I was little and he was the big spoon.

But I could feel the monster grow on my again and I knew what was coming.

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For next two days we lived like hubby-wifey and made out several times in bed, kitchen, tables, on sofa, floor and even the balcony in night.

I made food for him, washed his clothes, bathed with him, made out many fantasies and kinks the dirty ones come to life until my hole was open, and it was his time to go as my parents were coming.

It was the best time of life. After that day we did not get chance to things again and I did not have any experience since then.

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