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College sex story: Hi readers 👋. Welcome back. Myself Sainath from Chennai. I am an undergraduate student at Veltech University. At present I am in my 3rd year. Average looking but nice and Talkative that is why everyone calls me parrot. Without much time waste about me let’s move into the story.

I recently changed my hostel from a South Indian hostel to a North Indian hostel. As we all know north people don’t care much about looks for fucking a guy but their shapes. So I am the guy with average size man boobs & smooth round butts.

So as I was in the north Indian hostel and I became much more slutty to attract someone and have sex with them. To my luck, just by the end of my first week in that hostel I found a gym looking at my body with hungry looks every time I came from the bath.

As I noticed it I made it clear for him that I am a slut with my actions and he noticed it. It went like that for 3-4 days and one day while I was coming from the bath he came back to my room behind me.

As I was the only one in the room I had no problem having sex in the room. So I changed my walk to ladies walk by seeing him follow my back. The second I entered the room he pushed me in and locked the door behind.

Immediately he pushed me on to the bed and started kissing me vigorously like there is no tomorrow. I liked the way he kissed. He removed my towel and started licking my asshole.

I moaned loudly to which he got angry and slapped me on the ass loudly. It hurt but I felt it in a good way 😉. I was silent and he kept licking it.

He started to undress him self. I was shocked by seeing his body. It was way hotter than I expected. Then he removed his shorts đŸŠŗ.

Then I saw the monster in his inners dying to come out 🍌🍌🍆🍆.

I was stunned by the size. It was at least 9 inches with 4 inch thickness. I thought that he would rip me off into pieces. Then he pushed my head into his inners and caught it tightly.

I was enjoying the smell of a true man. I took his cock into my mouth and started blowing it. I could barely take 3/4 of his cock even by deep throating it.

But he was trying to force it much deeper. It was the most painful pleasure i ever had. I liked the feeling of being a slave to him. He mouth fucked like that atleast for 20-25 mins.

Later he asked me to become a dog. I did. He tried to push his dick into me. I begged him to apply oil or some Vaseline but he didn’t accept that instead he pushed much harder into me and just filled my mouth with his innerwear.

I cried with pain but he didn’t even care about that. All he wanted was to rip me off and fuck me to his heart content. He broke my asshole into pieces and the blood was all over my ass up to my thighs.

He didn’t stop fucking me. He was fucking hard like he was waiting from years for sex. He fucked me in doggy for half an hour and changed to missionary and started going much deeper this way.

His balls were touching my hole. He fucked me in this position for atleast 20 mins. He changed positions and he fucked me like that continuosly for 2 hrs.

I almost felt unconscious and after that I don’t know how much time he fucked me. Later in the evening when I woke up his dick was still in my asshole and we both were in a common lungi/dhoti.

I couldn’t even move after that. He woke up as I tried to move. He asked me how I was feeling now. I said I couldn’t even move and ge said after such a long session he also is so weak and I was not even interested to move aside and take out that monster dick out of me.

College sex story of gay roommates

We just laid like that and spoke a few things. Later he slowly removed his dick and got dressed up. I too slowly tried to move and got ready for the bath. He helped in bathing and got me back to the room.

He asked if I could bear his dick tonight also. I was afraid of those words and said no to that night. Later the next day he came and asked and I was happy for his stamina, I said ok.

We did like that from that to till date. In between he got his friends some time to have gangbang with me. I was happy for all the sessions with him.

I’m looking forward for double penetration 😉🍌🍌 which didn’t happen till now. Maybe in future I’ll be able to get one.

Hope you guys like the incident. I’ll come back with more stuff soon.
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