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First gay experience story: Hello everyone my self Sam. I am from Delhi and my age is 19. This was my first gay experience with my neighbour. This is my first story here as well, so let’s start.

This was the time when we were just normal friends who lived next to each other’s house.

I will tell you about our physique I am a tall person around 5’11 with an athletic body and have a boner of 6′ but on the other hand my friend named gaurav was 5’9 with a normal physique and a very big tool of 7.5′.

We both used to meet everyday in the evening on our roof of the houses.

We used to talk about everything to each other but he used to talk about sex very much and wanted sex very badly. We used to play mobile games together in a room made on his rooftop.

We used to close the door of the room so that no one could interrupt us and we used to play in the dark for better concentration but who knew that playing games could also turn into sex.

So one day we were playing game as usually but his phone got switched off and then I was playing game but he was talking to me and suddenly he asked me do you watch porn, I was confused but I said yes he asked what kind of?

I said straight as well as gay porn also and then he said me stop playing game and I want to watch porn so he snatched my phone and started gay porn.

My dick got erected which he noticed and asked me to lie down comfortably and watch. We both were lying on the mattress and suddenly I feels a hand in my shorts touching my hips.

I asked him what do you want. He said you just focus on porn I will get today what I want. So he started to tease my ass slowly and then he closed the phone and turned me and started kissing me on my neck and I was feeling very horny at that time.

I literally forgot for that moment that he is my friend and was enjoying it. Then he pushed my face and smooched me for atleast 10 to 15 mins and then he asked me to remove my cloths slowly and his cloths slowly as well.

I removed my cloths and his cloths slowly and when I saw his dick for the very first time I was shocked.

He took my hand and placed on his dick and slowly starter masturbating I was feeling like heaven but then he turned me and now my ass was in front of his face and his dick was in front of my face he asked me to lick his dick to which…

I replied : I don’t know how to suck it
he said : try it you will love it

Then I took his dick slowly in my mouth and he was also fucking my mouth slowly. Then he started to lick my ass and I felt very horny and started to lick his dick even faster, deep throating him and now he was also licking my ass very badly and this continued for half an hour.

He said me to come into doggy position and now started to rub his dick against my smooth ass.

He said : today you will feel like heaven but you have to suffer some pain
I said : but somebody will catch us if i shouted by mistakenly

Then he took his underwear and pushed it deep into my mouth, I already said him to please go slow he said I will start slow but end with full pace.

Then he slowly tried to enter his dick in my ass which was not going in but he pushed little harder 2nd time and his half dick was in and i was feeling so much pain…

First gay experience story of a sexy and wild young gay boy

But he pushed again and now his full dick was in and now the real fuck started he started to increase his speed and slowly my ass also got loosened and I started feeling pleasure.

Now after 30 mins he started to change positions and we tried missionary, cowgirl and many more and after 1 hour he cummed on my face and then for at least 10 mins we slept as it is and after that we kissed again for 5 mins then I got call from my home to come down for dinner.

This was my first experience of how my neighbour friend fucked me. If you liked it please comment and contact me on [email protected].