First gay experience story of a horny curious guy: 1

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First gay experience story: I am Zayn 25 year old height 6.1 and muscular. This story is about my first gay experience. This is my first story if you found any mistake so please forgive me.

Ye us time ki baat hai jab main 20 saal ka tha and main ek room me rent per apne roommate gautam ke sath raheta tha he was also 20 year old hum dono hi students the.

hum dono ko sath me rahete hue 2 mahine ho gae and in 2 mahino me mujhe ye pata chala that he is a gay and I was in shock😱 because he told me once ke wo apne gaon me wrestling Kiya karta tha(so you can imagine his body shape)

I asked him about it and he accept that yes I am gay. But us ne kaha ke us ne kabhi kisi ke sath sex experience nahi kiya.

Sorry for this long introduction and let’s start the story, main ek din bathroom me shower le raha tha then I suddenly feel that someone is watching me from backside (from door).

I ignore that and I am completing my shower. Maine towel lapeta aur Bahar aaya to dekha ke gautam bed per nanga baitha hai us ne sirf boxers pehni hui hai and us ki nazar mere crotch area per hai.

Mere lund pata nahi kyu but thodha hard ho gaya and suddenly wo mere kareeb aaya and us ne towel ke uper se mere semi hard lund ko touch kiya main jaldi se peeche hua I was surprised and I said ‘what the fuck, what are you doing man’.

Us ne kuch nahi bola and aage badh ke phir se mere lund ko touch kiya I said again ‘gautam tu pagal ho gaya hai kya kar raha hai’.

But us pe kuch asar nahi hua and he slowly rubbed my cock through the towel I just close my eyes and then I realise ke mere lund ab poori tarah khada ho gaya hai I suddenly realise ke ye kya ho raha hai main ne gautam ko bola ‘Man I am a straight’.

But us ne is baar bhi koi reply nahi kiya and he continued rubbing my dick suddenly he pull the towel down and he was in shock jub is ne mera 7 inch lamba and very thick lund dekha.

Mujhe pata nahi kyu bahot proud feel hua wo suddenly khadha hua and he just kiss me. I resist but us ne mujhe kus ke pakdha hua tha he press his lips against mine and pushed his tongue out, forcing my mouth to open.

The initial hesitation was gone and I responded too… My moans came out deep and loud and throaty. I felt my body shiver against him. His cock was already out of the fly of his boxers and he was humping my naked, hairy thigh as he kissed me and stroked my cock.

“Oh fuck, yea man, feels good, shit yes,” I rambled, my body shaking with desire as our kiss broke. “But, God, man, I am fucking straight! What the fuck are you doing to me?”

He guided us towards the bed and gently pushed me down and climbed on top of me, full body contact. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he parted my lips with his tongue and tasted me again.

Our cocks were pressed on each other. I don’t know why but my hands went down his back, cupping his butt cheeks.

“Straight my ass! Zayn” he whispered between kisses and slurps. “I wanted you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Man, you are so hot, so right for me.” he pressed harder on me and I responded by thrusting up into him, too.

“Man, we can’t be doing this,” amazingly I kept on protesting even though my whole body was screaming for more.

“We can and we are, Zayn,” he mumbled, moving his lips down my neck, licking and nibbling on my nipples, down the thin trail, down, oh, down, to my cock.

As soon as his lips wrapped around the mushroom knob, I bucked and almost screamed.

“Fuck, yessss, please buddy. Oh, shit, fuck. Oh, man. Suck it. Fuck! Suck my fucking cock!”

I placed my hands on his head now, pressing down. He started to swallow. Halfway down the long shaft he pulled back to the head. The cock was too big for him to take in all its entirety at one go.

He took a half inch more. I know his throat was burning and I can see that from his face, but he was determined to reach the base. I was in ecstasy. He had me.

Finally, his lips reached the thick base, his lips feeling the wiry, still wet pubic hair. His nose was already clogged with snot and he was finding it difficult to breathe, but he couldn’t let go of this fantastic rod as it pushed through his throat.

He pursed his lips tightly and worked his throat muscle around the head, his tongue running up and down the shaft.

And phir us ne suddenly mera lund apne moo se nikal liya and said ‘Zayn do you want to try to suck my cock.’ I said I never do this I don’t know it feels wierd.’

Us ne bola koi baat nahi main batata hu. Us ne mujhe ghuthno ke bal baithne ko bola and apna apna 6 inch lamba lund mera aage kia and said ‘Try it. it’s not that much difficult’

Main thodha nervous ho gaya but main ne us ka land apne hath me pakdha and slowly hilane laga starting me mujhe thodha wierd feel hua but thodhi der baad it’s feel normal.

First gay experience story of a slutty and horny boy

He started moaning and suddenly us ne apne land mere moo me dalne ko trya kia. Maine thodha resist kiya to us ne bola ‘Com on baby you can do this’

Main ne apna moo khola aur us ne apna lund thodha sa ander daal diya and and slowly us ke lund ko suck karne laga.

Achanak us ne mujhe mere balo se pakdha aur apna aadhe se zyada lund mere moo me daal diya. I choked but us ne bola come on tu kar sakta hai and phir main ne dheere dheere kar ke us ka pura 6 inch le liya.

Us ka lund zyada thick nahi tha isiliye mujhe starting me dard nahi hua lekin jab us ne speed badhai to mujhe anpe gale me bahot tez dard hona start hua.

Main ne us ko rukne ko bola lekin wo hai ruka to main gusse me aa gaya and us ka lund zor se kheech ke apne moo se bahar nikal diya he said sorry and then he kissed me.

‘Have you ever fucked a dude before?’ he asked.
‘Never’ I replied.

‘Do you want to fuck me?’ he asked.
‘Why? Do you want me to?’ I responded.
‘Actually, I think I do’. He replied.

To be continued…