Friendly gay story of two young horny buds: 1

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Friendly gay story: Hi my name is ABHINAV and I’m 20 years old. this is my real story when I was 18 years old with my best friend KARTHIK. We are very close friends from childhood, even our houses are very near.

We used to play games and study together, sometimes I will go and sleep in his house and he also used to come to my house sometimes. We were as normal as friends till we reach 12th class. Because all things started from there.

In 12th class we had a lesson in biology called “Human Reproductive System”, it is everyone’s favourite topic on those days. Our teacher explained about reproductive parts. Karthik is asking so many doubts about those things, even I don’t know much.

We decided to search in the internet and know about that in the evening. After finishing the school we went to our home and got fresh up.

I went to his house and knocked main door, his mom opened the door and welcomed me inside and said ‘karthik is in his room’ and I greeted aunty and went to his room. He is dancing with only in underwear and when I came he took towel and went inside bathroom and dressed up.

He asked me why i came very early, I said ‘I want to study so I came fast’. He said ok let’s start and opened books.

We opened biology text book and saw those pictures in that lesson. I asked him to explain and he said that he also don’t know and we started searching in internet in his tablet. we got same pics as in the textbook.

After some scrolling we saw penis pics and we shocked by seeing those big sizes. I asked him ‘what is your penis size?’ he suddenly embarrassed and said to change the topic, but I asked the same question again.

This time he replied that he didn’t measured yet and asked me the same question. I too said the same answer. He asked me to measure my penis now and gave me a scale.

I went to the bathroom and removed my pants and started measuring, but my penis didn’t got erected. Suddenly he came inside the bathroom and saw my penis, I’m trying to hide with my hand and shouting at him ‘why you came inside without my permission’.

He said ‘we are friends, don’t be shame I will help you to measure’. I’m very happy because I want the same. He came to me and took my hands off and touched my little 4inch penis, I am feeling uncomfortable coz it is the first time.

My penis getting erected eventually and he measured, it is 6inch. I asked to remove his pants and I measured, it is already erected and 6inch same as mine.

But he has extra width than mine. We laughed and dressed up and came back to room. We started watching some porn, We saw boys cumming and we have a doubt that we also get that or not.

So we decided to jerk like in the porn videos. We jerked for some time and I got cummed first and then he, the 1st time orgasm was awesome. We cleaned up and got dressed and I went back to my home.

Next day in the school we decided not to say this to anyone. Some days gone. Up to this it’s very common. One day while jerking I asked him whether I can stroke his cock, He said okk and asked me the same.

I also said ok and we started giving handjobs each other. We enjoyed a lot. The very next day I want to take this to the next level, so I played some porn videos and this time while giving a handjob I took his dick in my mouth.

He is shocked and asked me ‘why you done this??’, I said I just want to try as like in the video. After a long convincing he agreed and I gave him a good blowjob and he also tried a little and ended up with handjob.

He is still horny and his cock is hard and I asked him ‘can you fuck me?’. This time he scolded me and said ‘Are you gay?’.

I said that I’m not gay maybe BI, but he is straight so again scolded me for asking that and said me to leave the home. We didn’t talked properly for some days.

Later on one day in the school bathroom I was peeing alone. He also came at that time and started peeing. I asked ‘why you are not talking to me as like before’ and I cried.

I got tears because he is the only. best friend I have. He came near to me and hugged me and said sorry. I was still crying. He wiped my tears and took me inside the toilet and closed my mouth and said not to cry. He removed my pants and started giving me a blowjob…

Now I feel okay and smiled. After sometime I cummed inside his mouth, he swallowed all the cum (I was not expected that). He asked me to turn back and inserted his finger in my ass and eventually started moving fast.

I said to keep his penis. He slowly kept his penis inside, half of his penis went inside softly. When he started keeping another half it started paining.

I tried to control, but when he kept his full penis it pained like hell and I was not expected that much pain. He started fucking slowly, within 2 minutes he cummed inside (he cum fast coz it’s his 1st time).

Friendly gay story of two horny guys

When I saw his face it felt like he is in heaven, He said that he felt soo much pleasurable. He thanked me and hugged and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. I kissed on his lips, he didn’t rejected and kissed me back hardly.

We kissed each other till the bathroom door opened by someone. We got tensed and dressed up quickly. We are still in the toilet and waiting to come out.

When again the door opened sound came we thought that someone left the bathroom and we came out and went to our class. We both are happy now and again became friends…

This is the end of this part. There is another part, PLEASE wait for that. It will be more erotic than this. STAY TUNED.