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Friends erotic story: Hi IGS and my readers. This is another story written to please its readers. Hope you enjoy. BTW this is Saanjh.

This story is from a friend, Karan (name change) about a friend whom he liked secretly and wanted to fuck until he found out he likes Karan back, written from his POV.

His name is Vansh kumar and is currently in DU-ARSD. I love him. His curly hair, short demeanor and mesmerizing smile. I wanted to know him from the first day. This story is a fantasy and fantastic continuation of what could have happened between us.

He walked away from me as I was chatting with my friends. I found from one of my friends his hostel room and the fact that his roomie was out of town. I quickly planned something.

I talked to him for a few days and he talked back nicely because that is how he is. Then one day as we were sitting I said-
“Yrr aaj to roommate ghar gya hai to akele sona padega. Ajeeb sa lagta hai.”

Him being him said- “To mere room mein soja..mera wala to kab se ghar pr pada hai apne”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I got what I wanted. I wore my sleeveless red color vest with shorts and went to his room. His room like every other room was partially messy partially ok. He asked me to sleep as he was exhausted.

He removed his t-shirt and was sleeping in his white macho vest and pajamas. Few hours passed and he was snoring loudly. I went to him and the light from the window made it easy for me to look at his beauty.

His one hand was over his face and other was on his stomach. His pajamas were rolled up to his knees and no bedsheet covered his body. I bent a little to smell his body and felt shivers in my body. He aroused me even while sleeping.

I wanted him very much. I was just looking at him and suddenly something came over me and I touched his face. He was still asleep. I caressed his lips..his stubble..his hair.

He moved a little and I decided that this is enough. It should be only when he agrees. I just turned around towards my bed when he caught me by my hand.

He said- “kahan jaa rha hai..sab sahi to chal rha tha”

I grinned and joined him on his single bed. We could still hear laughing noise from the adjacent room while our lips met. He kissed me like a pro. It was romantic and passionate.

Our tongues fought as our lips glued together with our saliva. My one hand was in his curls while other was holding his hand.

After kissing each other like eels I reached for his neck. My pecks made him moan a bit. I removed mine and his vests and now our bare chests touched. He was small yet hot. I bit his nipples as he licked mine.

Finally he got on top of me and removed my shorts. He looked at my macho underwear and saw my hard rod. He licked it for what felt like hours. My balls and dick were wet with his spit and I moaned like crazy.

He was doing a surprisingly good job at it which was making me really horny and wild! His mouth felt divine. Then I switched him over and threw away his pajamas. He wore a black underwear which was soon on the floor as his dick was in my hands and mouth.

I licked and sucked his tool as he moaned and face fucked me until his cum filled my stomach.

Friends erotic story of two horny and wild gay guys

He, being nice, gave me a hand and blowjob until I came on his chest.

He laughed at his own chest and then climbed up to kiss me as I cleaned his chest with my tongue, kissed and cuddled with each other and fell into a deep sleep.

Hope this turns out true as he is a regular reader of IGS.

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