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Friends sex story: Hello everyone this is my very first gay sex experience with a wild hunk. So starting with my looks. 162 cm tall colour: fair body : smooth fit beard guy with a 7″ cock I am a versatile cum bottom. So…

All this started when I was in my HIGH SCHOOL… I WAS HAVING a huge crush on tall beard boys. So on a formal day after the ending of school I was about to leave. My cab was ready.

So here comes the guy named Anurag (6′ tall fair hairy 27 age body bearded guy with muscular body) PS – ( we already know each other as high school starts at 7:30 am so while reaching school he use to walk with his Siberian husky)

Alongside we both started eye contacting on inside we both know we like each other ih his sense i was a guy of 5’7 soo he likes it and I was young only 19.(All this he confessed me later )

So continuing with the previous one my cab was ready and I was about to leave @12:30 pm as during annual festival I was having free time no work nothing.

So I went at main gate to my surprise 🫢 my man of dreams muscular hot bearded hunk was already waiting for me as his apartment was next to my high school.

Me : (feeling anxious) ! May i help u ?
Anurag: hi myself anurag ! ( This is the first time we introduced ourselves)
Me : vinit this side (i am from Rajasthan so he liked my facial features but our family SETTLED in Gujarat)

He : (as he already knew our program practice is going on ) knowingly asked me ur not into any part ?
Me : no I am having some other stuff to do like I was interested in yoga so…

He : grt! (Without any hesitation) can we swap number) heading his phone towards me !

Me : (happy inside) sure… (Typed my number) and left saying see u soon.

As soon as I reached my home text notified my phone he was anurag.

Text inside ( hi anurag here the one u have number)

I replied yeah hi…(it was mid December 🙂 so u can imagine it was windy-sunny atmosphere)

Anurag told directly without any hesitation the first day u joined high school we met each other on the main road I was walking with the dog u was in ur uniform ur cuteness made me mad to get u from the very first day.

I just wanted some genuine connection and all I want is to spend some quality time with you.

After reading all this I was not shocked but really really really happy and excited but was not showing him my excitement as I wanted to pay it in different manner 😉😉💪.

Soon after that I replied are you free replying to it soon he texted back yes my family is out of town saurashtra (west region of Gujarat) and I am all alone it was 2 pm in afternoon winter and we both was in our heart.

Soon I decided to meet him at his place leaving my home after proper body wash as I was expecting something to happen as we both we desperately waiting for our meeting. I dressed myself.

Black shirt blue ripped denim and pair of sneakers. Soon I reached his apartment as it was next to my school to my surprise he was already waiting for me there he was in a track pant with black t shirt.

That was first time we shook hand his warmth 🥵 omh so hard hand he complimented my looks said u look more cute and hot in formals dress I replied u look more hot in gym outfit which he looked at me and winked 😉

He was staying on 8th floor we went inside he offered me water soon we started taking how we was behaving soon we entered his bedroom his bedroom was facing a nice bridge which I was complimenting his photos in room watching everything he laid down on bed observing me.

Then I calmed down and sat next to him the room was full of silence 🤐.

He with a very kind word hold my hand I was really nervous as it was first time I was being in such situation.

Then he asked me to calm down myself which I did we both we hardly having any conversation all there was only our understanding and urge to connect our feelings. It was not lust but really something else.

Then I controlled myself as I knew what’s gonna happen I laid down next to him he gently came near to my face looked at me smiled then very lovingly kissed me for 1 sec.

And departed his lips now I was lying there with more heat. In the reply I got over him and in a loving manner kissed him back we both at the same time told each other I LIKE U. ❤️❤️❤️🐥🐥

It was the moment we we soo happy then he took blanket as it was mid December now we r inside blanket his hot body waiting to complete the thrust and my smooth body to get dominated by this hunk was on urge slowly we undressed (still weaning underwear)

His long 8″thick cock leaking precum was totally visible from that brief. I went inside. His hand were on my round ass wanting to remove as he did he was just so happy to touch my smooth ass.

He complimented suck a nice young smooth virgin asss i am so lucky i got u to which I told it’s my luck to get a hunk like u we both are now so turned on with our conversation.

And Kw juts wanted to end this conversation and start doing main work now it’s totally dark inside we both in blanket me naked. I slightly out my hands inside his innerwear from back teasing him more.

He was chilled with that feeling his breaths were going high which was making me more and more horny oh god I told and removed his inner wear what I saw was totally my dream come true a hard 8″inch thick brown cock with pink head leaking precum ready to fuck.

It was waiting for mouth. I just can’t control myself and inserted in my mouth as it was my first time my teeth hurted him. But he told me later after days as he wanted my happiness 🥵🙂 such a caring guy.

This Gujarati guy was soo in love with me my body my communication he was just lost in it he took me up kissed kissed and again all over the body his heavy breath oh god…

Then he told I wanna do I just nodded u can as he was such a nice guy no one can say no he said baby u wait one minute I will bring jelly. He went to next room took condom and Vaseline jelly came to me kissed my forehead.

Said I love you not for body but for real love.then i myself pulled my legs up I was on my back he came up on me he warned me if it hurts pls baby tell.

Me I told okay he put condom had some jelly applied on my tight smooth ass also now is the moment I was waiting for my crush now is gonna drill my ass oh yeah.

I was happy inside soon my baby 🐥 entered his large monster cock inside my baby ass I was in pain but i didn’t showed but tears ran down my eyes he understood he scolded me y not…

I told him. We both tried again this time slowly it took 15 minutes then he was all inside me my legs on his back missionary position his chest his smell his soft pink lips he was continuously complementing me about my pink lips soft cheeks.

And my tight ass. We was soo in the moment. Soon I urged him to fuck me I juts wanted this hunk to dominate me this 27 🔥 year old hot guys started as I told it was hard hard thrust he was fucking hard I was just moaning ahhh anurag… anurag…ahhhhh.

Plzzzz…it hurts…ahhhhhh… The my moans turned into pleasure now he also understood. He started doing it slowly kissing ln my lips kissing my nipples kissing my naval area me who was already mad at his chest was just licking his hot manly chest his hot sweat 💦 oh man.

He said I am gonna cumm… I told cum inside… Ahhh ahhhhhh. The finally my first hard anal with a hunk. After cummin hard he slept on me I was relaxing him with my hands giving a small relaxation with my fingers on his hairs.

He woke up took out condom. He told condom had burst and I cummed inside ur ass baby I am sorry I told it’s okay it’s the manly juice I was wanting. Then I went to washroom he was holding my ass I asked y he told it will leak oh baby how sweet.

When I went inside cumm leaked my legs that soft white creamy cumm I was really happy. We freshen up again on bed we both started having some fun 😊 with body tickling then we had some snacks I was lying in his lap that was so romantic ❤️ then it was 7pm in evening he told me to drop I said alright.

Then we went out very happily before leaving room he told I love u hugging me and want u forever. I told I don’t like relationship but yes at least we can be very good friend till then to till now we r in good contact and every week we have some fun including sex.

Friends sex story of two gay school friends

Some outings some road trips some outstate experience but we never included any third as we know we r soo happy with each other.

If u wanna know more about what happened next plz show some intrest I will post for sure. This was my first ever experience I shared and my first ever real story I uploaded.

If wanna know more whats done further stay tuned.

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