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Friends sex story: Hey everyone! So Today I am back with another story which will surely make your dicks hard. This happened when my friend came to visit me. Let me first describe him.

His name is Reyansh and he was the class joker. He used to joke about almost everything and was extremely frank with everyone. He would also discuss masturbation and his stamina during a self handjob.

He claimed that he had a 6 inch thick dick which would last 30 minutes with continuous handjobs too. We were all surprised. I knew he was lying but others believed him.

I was jealous as I too had a 6.5 inch but never told anyone. So I had to be sure. So during our quarterly exams, I got a chance to find out. He needed help in Maths and the class topper was not free.

So I volunteered myself to tutor him for a week till he can at least score enough to pass. He was happy and we decided to meet at my home at 6 pm.

My room was on the first floor with an attached bathroom and no one climbed up to my floor unless absolutely necessary. So I devised a plan.

I had a storage cabinet just above the toilet seat. I planned to hide a mobile phone there with the camera facing the toilet bowl.

I knew in our almost two hour study session he would use the washroom at least once and that way I would record and check his dick size. He came and we studied but on the first day he did not use the bathroom.

Next day, I offered him a big glass of water as he entered my room to study. That day, my plan worked. He used the washroom.

When he went home I checked my phone, his dick was clearly visible in the recording. He had a little dick. It barely came out of his zipper and he held the entire dick with just one finger.

I caught him lying now. Next day when he came, I did as I had planned.

Me- Reyansh, let’s take a break.
R- Yeah sure.
Me- So what do u do when u r free?
R- Don’t you know? I bang with my hand.
Me- Oh really. Like always?

R- Yeah. You dont grow a 6 incher without constant jerking.
Me- Is it really 6? I believed it would be around 3.
R- Why would u say that?

Then I showed him the video. He started sweating and screamed at me. I asked him to calm down otherwise I would share it in our whatsapp group. He started crying. I had never seen the class joker cry.

Me- Reyansh, chill. I was just joking. I will delete it right now.
And I really deleted it.
R- But u know now. Everyone will know about my little dick.

Me- No I wont tell anyone.
R- No matter how hard I try it just does not grow. It has been 3 inch only.
Me- That’s sad.
R- How’s ur?

Me- Around 4
R- You are lying, I know. Show me, Besides u have seen mine too.
Me- Well okay.

And I locked the room. Then removed my shorts and briefs to show him my soft 5 inch dick. He gaped at it.

R- it must be at least 5 inch.That too soft.
Me- Yeah It is 6.5 erect and 5.2 soft.
R- You are blessed. How did you do that?
Me- It is genetic I guess. But the right way of masturbation helps too.

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R- what is the right me please. I beg you please.
Me- Okay from tomorrow your new classes will begin. But we cannot do this in the evening. Can you come to my house at 6 am tomorrow?

R- Sure. But what if anyone asks?
Me- Say that we had to extend your tutions as you are a bad student.
R- Yeah It will work.

Me- Okay so from tomorrow be prepared for a “great learning experience.”
And he smiled at me, thanked me and went home. I was happy and looking forward to the next day

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