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Roommates gay story: Hello all this is me again, you guys loved my first story about my encounter with my teacher on school trip so I decided to write another thrilling experience with my roommate.

I’ll write this in hinglish for more audience. So after 12th I decided to move to pune for my graduation and joined bunch of my classmates and decided to share a flat with them.

Among them there was this guy ‘ritik’(name changed) who was tall af (around 6ft tall), gym toned body and with a good fashion sense.

At first nahi usne aur nahi mene interest liya and I thought hoga koi ordinary Banda but after some time vo thoda time spend krne laga mere saath (in a normal way as a roomate does).

Btw he used to smell really good, uski body fragrance hi bohot attractive thi and upar se his perfumes were superb also he was very sensitive about his skincare and all.

After some months we became really close friends I started to develop a crush on him (not in a romantic way) you can just call it a havas.

Vo bohot Frank tha mere saath, uski ek aadat thi ki vo hamesha baat baat pe mujhe bolta tha ki mu me lele, Teri gaand Dede, blowjob Dede (mere man mein laddu futa krte the ) and use mere nipples dabane ki aadat thi.

Yes everytime he got a chance he used to pinch them and I had to pretend ki don’t do it yar.

Sometimes I used to think ki ye bhi to gay nahi but I knew ki vo clg mai Kai ladkiyo ke peeche pada hai so me khudko samjata tha ki he’s just playing with you.

He used to wear a V shaped underwear. Even though I prefer boxers but mere liya accha hai bcuz I could see his huge boner in his underwear.

Whenever I used to get a chance me uski underwear sniff krta tha (I have a huge underwear fetish idk why) and not only underwear but uske t-shirts and shirts ke armpits bhi main sniff krta tha.

One day he told me to look at his gains and told me to take pictures with him posing so I took his pictures of him posing in underwear with his huge bulge and saved it and buss it was my content for masturbation for several days until it was this magical day.

Us din sab log clg gaye the for submissions ritik aur mere submissions already ho chuke the so we were alone. As usual he woke up late and started freshing up.

Uski ek aadat thi ki vo hamesha akele nahane jata tha aur bohot time lagata tha (now you may wonder so hum baki log usually 2-2 ke groups me bhi naha lete the to save time ).

When I asked him ki itn time q lagate ho so he said ki I bath naked and at weekends I masturbate. I was like kash mein kuch karke isko nahate hue dekh saku and then this horrible idea popped in my mind.

I set up my phone in bathroom behind the shampoo bottles to record him (the phone wasn’t visible directly but somehow the camera was). Mene camera ko set kiya aur bahar apne room me aa gya then after some time he went in and 5-10 minute baad he opend the door and came straight to my room.

Meri fatt gyi ki kya hua then usne peeche se mujhe Mera phone thamaya aur bola ki ‘wtf is this ?’

Meri fatke char ho gyi thi but I tried to cover up saying galti se reh gya hoga (bcuz I used to listen songs while bathing) then vo bola ki ‘galti se camera on ho gya kya and vo bhi aise direction mein jaha me naha rha tha’.

Mujhe samaj nahi AA Raha tha ki kya bolu so I grabbed his crotch and I thought ki it’ll give him the idea about what I want but instead vo piche ho gaya and he was shocked and left the room immediately then meri halat kharab ho gyi that kahi isne sab ko bata Diya then what?

Aise hi overthinking krte krte raat ho gyi, everything was normal amongst roommates which means usne abhi tak kisiko nahi bataya tha then rat ke 11 baje wo mere room me aaya and pucha that if I want a ice cream? (Now it was normal for us to eat ice-cream at midnight) but that night I was scared af.

I said yes and hum uski gadi pe Gaye shop tak then he said tum yahi ruko me Lata hu icecream. After some time he brought many things in his bag and started driving.

I noticed ki wo bike kisi aur jagah le ja raha hai, he took us to the citypoint area jaha kuch towers the house type in between a little forest (that area wasn’t far away from our flat) .

Raaste mein I asked him many times ki hum yaha q aaye hai and all but he told me to shut up then he took me to one of those towers at the top and told me to confront.

I said what?, he said ki I wanna know ki what are my intentions towards him? I didn’t said anything but just asked him to forgive me and said ki pretend to forget all about it. He started laughing and said ‘how can I forget this?’

Then he said ki ‘mene din bhar is baare mein Socha’ and he grabbed me from back and whispered in my ear ‘mein Jo kahunga wo karega’ and I said ‘ha Jo tum chaho but pls kisi ko ye mat batana’.

He smiled and removed his belt from his pants and tied up my hands. I was confused at first then usne mujhe ghumaya and kissed me deeply. It was a perfect kiss, damn he was such a good kisser.

He was roaming his toungue and I was standing still letting him do all that then he bited my lip gently, at this moment both of us were hard cuz I could feel his bulge tackling with mine.

Then usne mujhe vaha ek seat pe baithaya and removed my tshirt, I said ‘mere hath kholo yar’ but he resisted saying ‘do what I say otherwise..’

Then from the bag earlier he brought some chocolates which he applied on my nipples(since I’m kinda chubby they’re like small breasts) usne thoda chocolate apne ungliyo pe bhi lagaya and he inserted his fingers inside my mouth saying ‘suck them’ and I did so.

Then he started licking my nipples while putting on chocolate on them, it was paining but maja bhi utna hi aa raha tha and he was sucking my breasts for around 10 minutes then vo khada hua and he removed his t-shirt and unzipped his pants.

He bulge was huge under his black underwear and I was drooling over it then he sat down on the seat and said ‘jo krna hai kro mere sath’ even though my hands were tied up I stood up and sat on his thighs and started sucking his upper body.

I started from a wild kiss again and then I sucked his nipples passionately. He was moaning softly, uske nipples me bad I licked all his abs and biceps and then I started sniffing his armpits which smelled heavenly.

Then usne mujhe niche utara and grabbed my hair and said ‘suck it’. His cock was already spitting out precum.

Mene upar upar se use choomna start kiya and then I removed his underwear with my teeth and then his around 6 inch wide cock was in front of me.

Personally I didn’t expected to have him such a huge cock bcuz it was very thick. I licked his balls and he started moaning loudly and inserted his dick in my mouth at once.

Usne mera sir pakda and started fucking my mouth fastly. Mujhe saans lene mein dikkat ho Rahi thi but he didn’t care and after 10 minutes he was close and said ‘chod du’ and I nodded yes.

Usne apna pura mal mere muh me chod Diya and I spit it out later.

I cleaned his dick with my toungue. Then he sat down for some time and said ‘chudega mujhse?’ . Mene kaha ha par yaha nahi bcuz even though that area was very quiet and lonely but sometimes vaha police ki gadi aaya karti thi.

He said nahi aayegi police trust me And at that moment I was so horny that I couldn’t care less. I said ‘ Mera hole right hai’.

He brought vaseline from his bag and some condoms. I was like ye to Puri tayari mein aaya tha, then I liked down in doggy style and he inserted his two fingers after applying some vaseline.

Mujhe dard hua then usne apni 3 ungliya Dali and I screamed. Then usne apni underwear mere muh me Dali and started inserting his cock in my ass. In some 3-4 shota it went fully in and I was literally screaming due to the immense pain.

But he didn’t care and started fucking me continuously.

While fucking me in doggy position he was pressing my nipples from behind, for some time I wanted it to end but then it started feeling better. Usne mujhe paltaya aur wo seat pe Jake baith Gaya then me uske upar jake baitha.

He removed his underwear from my face to hear me moan. He started fucking me again in face-off position. While fucking he was sucking my nippples again.

Ngl mein Khushi se mar raha tha bcuz mere wet dreams mere samne sach ho rahe the. After around 15 minutes in that position I came on his chest and he also said that he’s close so Maine kaha I want it in my ass.

Roommates gay story of horny young friends

So he stopped and removed the condom and inserted it again and left his load after 2 minutes, it was so warm.

Then wo direct mere upar pada and said ‘this is just a starting , flat mein har roj tu meri randi banega’ and I said ‘jarur mere malik’.

After some time we cleaned up and left for our flat , raste mein maine usse pucha that if hes gay so he said ‘I’m bi’ and with me it was his first experience with a guy.

After that we had many encounters in the flat where we used to sneak out to terrace and do all the things. If you want more of our experiences the please give some love on this stories and if you want to contact me then mail me at ‘[email protected]’.

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