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Daddy boy story: Hi! Guys this is Karthika. I’m a secret cross dresser. I’m here to tell you my encounter with a 43 old man. Let me tell you about my self I’m 27 years old. My body stats height 5’9″ weight 78kgs bra size 36C bubbly butt.

Now coming back to the story this is true story of mine. This happened in the year 2021. I was preparing for competitive exams during the preparation time I was feeling bored I’m introvert kind of a person I don’t have much friends to share things and chit chat with so, I installed ROMEO app and started chatting with strangers received many messages.

There comes my man message whose name is Kumar who is 43 years old.

Kumar:- “I dear this is Kumar I’m 43 old r u ok with my age”
Me:- “Hi! this is Karthika I’m a secret cross dresser and I’m 27 years old i stay near by meh**** yes I’m interested in you- i said”

We started chatting likes dislikes in sex favourite position about professions ect. He asked me what kind of clothes do i like to wear I said that I like wearing bra, pant, stockings and high heels.

The chat conversation continued till one week. On the eight day I have received his message stating that hi! Karthika I have planned date to meet you.

He also said that I have a suprise gift from his side. I asked what is that surprise so, he said that he will reveal on date night.

Finally, the day has arrived I started preparing my self for the date night. I have clean shaved my beard, body hairs, private parts and got ready.

I have received a message from him that I am waiting for you near bus stop. So, I took an auto from my place to bus stop. He was waiting in his car for me.

I got into the car we have shaken our hands after that there was a silence between us I was tensed he took me to the hotel room which he has booked for us. We reached the room he locked the door behind my back and he gave me a tight hug and kissed me on my neck.

He took me to the bed and handed over the gift which he brought for me I have opened it to my surprise it was stockings, bra panty and high heels of my favourite colour black. He told me to get ready for him.

I went to rest room and started getting ready I have also carried my makeup kit and curly haired women wig with me.

Firstly, I have removed my mens cloths and i wear bra and panty after that I wore stockings and wig applied some make up and I wear high heels and got ready after that I looked myself In the mirror and I fall in Love with myself by seeing it.

I opened the door he was surprised to look me he started praising me kissed me on my forehead and said I haven’t seen this kind of beautiful men in women cloths. Started kissing my cheeks,lips, neck, etc.

He pushed me on to the bed and started playing with my boobs licked it bited it. And squeezed my boobs. He slowly started undressing my stockings and giving kises to my body he undressed my stockings I was just left with bra panty and high heels now.

He kissed my back and he turned me my face was facing his face now I saw that he was eating dairy milk chocolate he has giving me a lip lock each other and he has transferred his chocolate from his mouth to mine.

Then he unhooked up my bra hooks and started sucking my boobs mean while I have undressed his shirt and pants now he was just on his undies and I also started giving him a hand job from the top of undies he took chocolate syrup and pored on my navel and started licking it.

I was enjoying it to my core slow he went down their and removed my panty and made to be in dogy style and he pushed his face into my gluts and started licking my men pussy I was mourning like hell.

He mad my pussy wet and his tool was semi erect he grabbed my head and poured some chocolate syrup on his dick and placed his dick and mouth fucked me till it gets hard after getting hard he handed me over a condom and make me wore on his dick.

He lubed his dick and my pussy I was eagerly waiting for his dick to enter my pussy he slowly started inserting it with gentle dick head got in.

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I was not in pain. He handled it slowly that I should not get hurt slowly he instead his dick totally in me. I was now in a pain and started mourning my listing the sound of mourning he increased the phase and was was hitting the spot I was literally enjoying it!

Hmmm…..ahhhhhh……ohhh… Fuck me daddy more harder more harder he was hitting me on the spot he came to the climax and removed his dick from my pussy removed condom and released his cum load in my mouth and I swollen it.

Like this we had sex whole night in different different positions and he made me his secret wife.

Afer this we met many times… Thanks for reading my story.