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Fun 3some story: This story recaptures my first threesome experience. Before starting the story, let me tell you about myself. I am a 24-year-old gay guy living in a mid-size Indian city.

I had my first sexual experience in 11th class with my school friend (maybe I’ll write about that too, depending on the response on this one).

For a long time, my two friends were my only sexual partners. I had heard about the Grindr app, which gay and bisexual men used to have sexual escapades, so I downloaded it last year.

Since then, I have had sex with 14 different guys in total.

Coming back to my story, I always had a fantasy of an orgy with 5-6 guys fucking me hard. I was chatting with this guy on Grindr, Adil (name changed). He asked me to meet him at his place in half an hour to fuck.

After seeing his pictures, I immediately said yes because he was fucking hot. I literally had a hard-on just by looking at his pics. So, I reached his place, and another guy was also waiting in the room.

I thought he might leave the room in a few moments. He might be in his mid-30s, a fair, tall, chubby, and average-looking guy.

Adil told me, “Yeh bhi karenge tum fuck koi problem toh nhi hai.” At first, I thought, what nonsense is this? If you wanted a threesome, you should have told me earlier.

I clearly said no to him. “Me tumhare sath kar sakta hu par inke sath nhi”, I said to him. He agreed. He stripped down naked, though he didn’t have a muscular body; he was looking sexy as hell.

I got down on my knees and pulled his underwear down, revealing his dick. I took it in my hands, kissed the tip of his dick, and started sucking on it.

Meanwhile, he signalled his friend to come and join us. When he removed his underwear, I was shocked as his dick was around 7.5 inches. Adil’s dick was about 6 inches. Now I was simultaneously sucking two cut dicks.

Adil said to me, “Phele toh tu mana kar rha hai ab dono lund maze se chus rha hai, theek se sucking kar meri jaan aaj tujhe proper maze karwayenge”.

Another guy said, “Yaar chusta toh yeh bahut acha hai pura deep throat kar rha h.” Adil pulled me back and shoved in entire dick in one go.

My god, I was gasping for the air. Then he kissed me on my lips and again shoved his dick. Another guy, whose name was Rahman, said, “Ek sath dono chuso,” and I obliged. Now I literally have a mouthful of penis.

For 15 mins, I was sucking their dicks and licking their balls.

After this, Adil asked me to remove my clothes, bata kisse chudega mere se ya inse, he asked me. I said Tumse. I was a little afraid to take 7.5 inches inside my asshole.

Adil said, “Are dono lund gand me le liyo tabhi toh tujhe maza ayega ek lund se teri payas nhi bhuejegi”. I agreed. First, Adil laid down, wore a condom and asked me to sit on his dick.

It was quite a time that someone had fucked me, so my asshole was tight. He applied some cream and said ab aram se chala jayega, and I did. I was jumping on his dick, and Raham came in front.

“Le tab tak mera chus”, he said to me. Adil was riding me like a stallion, and Raham was mouth fucking me. I was in the seventh heaven. Adil asked me to stand up and lay down in a missionary position.

To my great surprise, he started licking my asshole (guys rarely do that) and asked Raham to come down and suck my dick. I can’t really explain that feeling. I was moaning aloud. “Sale ko kitna maza a rha h, Raham said. Ache se garam hoga tabhi toh hum isko der tak chod payenge”.

Now Adil started finger fucking me and stroking my dick, and Raham and I were kissing each other. I was in the missionary position when Adil shoved his dick in one go. I didn’t feel much pain because of prior fucking, rimming and fingering.

He put both of my legs on his shoulder; my hole was wide open for him to plunder, and man, he did. He was giving deep thrusts, some of which I could feel were really deep. I was really enjoying myself.

After fucking me for 10 mins in this position, he asked me to sit in doggy style. Then instead of fucking me from the back, he laid down under me to suck my dick, and Raham came over me.

Even though my asshole was loosened up with all the fucking with Adil, I still had difficulty taking Raham’s dick. I asked him to put some more cream. Unlike Adil, Raham was a bull.

He was fucking me with great force, so much so, for a moment, I couldn’t handle his weight and collapsed on Adil. “Mardarchod kese chod rha hai gand mili nhi ki pagal ho gya, zara Dhruv (that’s me) ka bhi soch”.

Fun 3some story of two friends fucking stranger

By the way, we all laughed and continued again; Adil was sucking me hard, and I was on the verge of release. Nikalne wala hai mera, I said to him, but he didn’t stop.

And I came inside his mouth; meanwhile, now Raham was also about to cum (so much so was big dick). I allowed him to come inside my asshole as he was wearing a condom.

Adil asked me to get down on my knees and began stroking his dick; within a few mins, he came all over my chest and face.

Maza aya ana tujhe, haan yaar aya toh bahut mene bola. He slapped my ass and said phir milenge though I didn’t get the chance to meet them again.