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Gay ragging story: Hey readers, how are you? Myself Ashok kundra I look very handsome and masculine I am very powerful and rich top and I have fucked many bottoms but in this story you will read how a masculine top was forced to become bottom and was exploited like an Indian cheap prostitute.

Yes, I am that masculine top and there was one incident in my life where I was stripped of my clothes respect money and independence. I was enslaved and had to live like a slave dog for 4 years. So lets start with the story…

In my college life’s first year I was very excited to have new experiences but a very big badluck was waiting for me in the form of Seniors, yes it was my first ragging from where my life became worst.

One evening I was resting in my hostel room with my roommate suddenly a guy knocked the door and informed us about Seniors calling for first Ragging session.

Me any my fellow mates reached the terrace of the hostel where 5 seniors were waiting for us and we all greeted those Seniors after that the Seniors asked the intro of each of us & we introduced ourselves but later one of those Seniors asked to remove our shirts and pants.

At first we hesitated but gradually we removed them and now we all were standing half naked in front of Seniors, again one of Senior asked us to lick their boots and my some fellow mates started licking the boots of Seniors but I refused and said I cant lose my dignity.

In response the senior said you foolish junior how dare you to go against us either you lick our boots or we will stripp off your underwear and make you stand nude.

To which I said if you dare then come forward because I knew I was powerful than then and as a result I beat them brutally and they had to run for their safety but, this step was going to be a very bad decision for me…

Because now not only those 5 seniors but all the seniors of 2nd year were seeing me as their enemy and I was scared that what the hell they are going to do next?

Days passed and after some weeks I recieved a video in my whatsapp from an unknown number when I opened that Video I was shocked that Video was of me bathing totally naked in bathroom, suddenly a text came

“Hii brave junior we have recorded you 10 private videos secretly would you like to let them published in social media”. Now I was in serious panic that how the hell they recorded my private videos and who is that person wanting to destroy my life?

Again another text came from that number in whatsapp “If you want to save your dignity then you have to reach at this place on sunday evening 6:pm”

With this message a google map location was sent for me to get there.

The next Sunday I reached that destination it was an open ground surrounded by some trees and was totally isolated(no one was there)

Finally those blackmailers came in 5 motorcycles there were 10 men and when they came near I observed that they were my second year seniors and I understood that this all was happening.

Just because of that revenge which those Seniors wanted to take from me. My fear level was rising and now they all were standing around me and they all were laughing at me like they are going to fuck me!

One of the guys among them opened his phone and displayed my video and told that if I dont obey them then they will upload my Video into instagram whatsapp and various porn sites.

I responded “please dont do that – I will do whatever you”ll say” 🙏 and they again gave a laughter and commented now this bitch understood his actual place 😂

Now the tall guy among those asked me to remove my clothes and stand totally naked and unfortunately I had to surrender I stripped my clothes and gave it to them. And now I was standing full nude with my ass and dick visible to them with head down and feeling embarrassed and humiliated crying like a baby.

While those 10 men were laughing at me watching me in such a degraded condition they all were verbally abusing me with slangs like bitch fool dumb slave dog slutt whore sissy faggot etc and I had no choice except to cry like a girl 😭

Suddenly a guy took his belt and he began to hit my ass with that belt like a hunter and it was paining like hell.

Others were enjoying while recording one more video of me getting tortured
after belt all those 10 guys came near me and started spanking my ass one by one. He was playing with my dick which was making me uncomfortable and humiliated they were also spitting at my face while continuosly abusing me.

After that they kicked on my ass letting me to fall on the grond like a foolish dumb weak faggot and they grabbed my hair and dragged me to the road near the ground and ordered me to run 10 across the road 20 times in that humiliated condition.

I did that too and finally that made me kneel down and told me to say sorry 30 times I did as per they said and now I thought okay my punishment is over but a surprise came and they opened their zip took out their dicks and pissed on me together this made me bath with their urine 😞

Such extreme punishment made me to forget my masculinity I forgot that once I was a man now I have been made a prostitute faggot. They all took my Masculinity my dignity my freedom my happiness my clothes and everything.

After this punishment they assured me that the videos wont get published they gave my clothes back but from today I have to serve all those 10 seniors as their private prostitute slave.

And upto 4 years of my college life those Seniors used to rape me whenever they wanted they even used to slap my face anywhere wherever they like and they even made me to clean their toilets wipe the floor lick their boots.

Gay ragging story of a slutty young gay boy

They also sold me many times to the customers as sex slave in a cheap price range of 100-500 ₹ they made me drink their sperm and urine unlimited times, each day was a bdsm day for me full of humiliation and torture.

They used to fuck me from both sides mouth and ass and the worst part is they even fucked me in front of my some classmates and juniors too.

I will never forget this ragging my whole life.