Gay seducing story of wild fun with AC repairmen: 1

Quickie gay fun with a seduced horny stranger

Gay seducing story: Hey my brilliant readers! Hope you are ready with your dicks in your hand and your reading glasses on for another erotic story somewhat real and somewhat a fantasy. This is, of course, Saanjh.

So my last fuck was pretty good. The partner was a vers just like me. Handjob, Blowjob, 69, name it and we did it. But that was a month ago. I was very very horny and couldn’t find anyone to satiate myself.

As I have said earlier I do not use grindr so for me partner hunting was a big challenge.

It was hot and humid at its peak. I badly needed my AC to work one night but it was out of its gas. That night was a disaster. So the next morning I called the service center and booked an appointment.

The service center boys came around 1 pm in the scorching heat of the sun. They were both panting and exhausted just climbing the first floor to my room. I gave them some water and then noticed them completely. Well one of them was short.

Like 5 feet or so but cute. The other one was taller..around 5.6 feet with a beard and a deep voice. They both were wearing loose shirts and jeans. I noticed myself in the mirror. My hair was messy.

I was wearing a tight blue vest (my mild biceps were visible from it completely along with my chest hair) and a pair of thigh length shorts. My clothes were not intentionally short but that is how I stay in summers (Don’t you?).

So my primary concern was literally AC so after water I asked them to get to work and refill the gas. One of them (the tall one) went to the terrace to the outdoor unit and the other one was inside cleaning the AC.

He asked me for a bucket of water and some cleaning clothes. They both were peacefully doing their job. Then my phone pinged. Kavish, (one of my mates) had sent me a video. I opened it and it was porn.

Two hot daddies fucking each other wild. I instantly got aroused and now really wanted an ass or a dick. I looked at the service boy. He seemed cuter now. I tried to find out if he was interested or not.

I stood in front of him and asked him if he needed anything. As he looked up at me I yawned big and stretched my arms back completely exposing my armpits and nipples from my vest. He eyed me now and fumbled as he said no. I noticed his bulge.

He now had a semi hard on. I got what I wanted. I went on with the seduction. I wanted him to make a move. I asked him his name (kamal), his age (24), his marital status (single) and then about the tall guy above (Pritam, 26, single).

Then as he climbed the stool to clean the flaps I intentionally said-

“Aap chad jaao upar ye flaps mein pakda doonga”

“Nahi nahi bhaiya mein leloonga”

“Arey dont worry..chad jaao”

He climbed and then I grabbed the flaps and lifted my arms completely up to give him the flaps. As I lifted my arms I saw his eyes landing on my pits.

His nose working quickly to smell my scent and his dick again getting ready to erect. He very reluctantly lifted his head up to the AC and went on with his work. But now all he needed was a last push to give in. He climbed down to the stool and said-

“Bhaiya mein Pritam ko dekhkr aata hoon”

He walked a few steps and then tripped on the carpet. He hurt his knee pretty bad. He was moaning in pain. I lifted him up (he was light) and placed him on my bed.

I asked him to apply ointment. He said ok and then he lifted his jeans up but jeans being jeans could not reach beyond calf. He said –
“Chod dijiye bhaiya..theek ho jaaega”

“Are bina dawai ke theek nhi hoga..phoda pad jaaega..jeans utar ke laga lo”

“Are nhi nhu bhaiya”

“Nhi nhi kuch nhi..laga lo..utar do jeans”

He was shy but removed his jeans. Maybe the thought of being in underwear in front of me aroused him very much that he got a massive boner. He covered his boner with one hand and was applying ointment with another.

Suddenly Pritam entered the room. He saw Kamal in pain and bent down to his knees. His eyes were in pain and he was genuinely concerned for him. It was clearly love.

Gay seducing story of wild and horny men

He grabbed Kamal’s hands and saw that he had a boner. He hastily covered Kamal’s boner and squinted past me. I understood the situation well.

I removed my shorts and vest and asked both of them if they wanted my help. Pritam stood up and caressed my body with his hands and then pulled me closed for a deep kiss.

To be continued…

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