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Dad fucker story: Hello all, This is a story that happened during the lockdown when I just started working for a big MNC. (I have changed few details of the story to make it spicy)

Before all, let me give a brief introduction of me. I am from Maharashtra but because of my fathers business we stayed in Kerala.

I am 5’11”, 96 kgs 7 inches dick and I have man boobs and a big round ass (Real big).

When I was in 12th that I realized that I was gay and I always had a thing for mature guys. I have fetish for guys with lungi.( And if they are wearing briefs inside its a plus)

Whenever I see a guy in lungi folded up to his knees and is shirtless I get aroused. Even I and my dad wear lungi whenever we are home.

About my dad he is 5’8″ and has a real sexy body (Just the way I like)

Now lets begin with the story,

It was in 2020 April when I shifted to Pune for my new job and after few days of that the lockdown started. I was stuck for weeks in Pune.

Somehow I arranged a transport to take me to my home in Kerala. It was just me, brother, mom and dad in home. After couple of days we got news that my moms brother was in critical condition and was in ICU.

It was decided that my brother and mom would go to meet uncle. Me and dad went to railway station to drop my mom and brother. Their train was at 9PM in night on the same day we heard the news of my uncle.

They boarded the train and me and dad left the train station. While returning we stopped at a hotel for dinner and then headed home.

To be frank I was really excited to be alone with dad for couple of days. When we reached home we freshned up and change our clothes. We both were wearing lungis.

We wear really tired so went to sleep. For first few days I always used to watch my dad whenever I get a chance. My favourite time was when we watch TV at night.

He used to be only on lungi wearing a brief inside. He used to fold up the lungi to his knees and he used to sit on sofa with one leg up. I would always try to sit I such a way that I could easily see his underwear.

He even caught me few times staring but he never said anything.

A couple of days went by without anything happening. Then one day in news we saw that the COVID cases wear getting serious so the lockdown was going to be more strict.

The shops were going to be closed, the public transport will be closed and only the essentails will be available. After seeing the news we immediately went to get ration supplies since we didn’t know when we coud get it.

Since everything was closed dad was always at home. Then one dad said he is going to the shop and will be late. I asked won’t it a problem to open the store.

He said it will be alright and went. Then in evening I prepared dinner for both of us and I waited for my dad’s return. It was 10PM and he wasn’t back and he didn’t respond to any of my call.

I was getting worried so I got dressed was almost outside the house and I saw that he had returned.

I asked him “Why he was so late? I was very wooried about you.” He didnt’t answer anything and went inside.

I closed the doors and followed and then I went to talk to my father. I sat beside him and then I smelled alcohol on him.

He had a lot to drink. His breath was full of alcohol smell. I was suprised he came in one piece after being that drunk.

I knew he wouldn’t have dinner so I helped him to change clothes and took him to bed. He didn’t wear the lungi as usual. He was just wearing a blue brief.

I had dinner and went to bed to bed. Now since he was drunk I thought to sleep near him just in case if he needed me. I was wearing my usual lungi and I was wearing a white brief inside.

I went and laid next to him and I dozed off. In the middle of night I could feel my dads hand on my hips. I ignored it and tried to sleep. But slowly his hands were moving towards my man boobs.

He was slowly squeezing my boobs. I was instantly hard. He came closer to me and wrapped his other hand around me. Now my back was completely aligned with his front side.

He started squeezing both my boobs and he came whispered in my ear “I know you want it. You have been drooling your eyes on me since mom left. Haven’t you??”

I just nodded my head. He rotated me and now we were facing each other. I moved closer to him and he came closer too. Then finally our lips met. We started smooching and after few minutes we were kissing passionately.

We were hugged each tightly and kissed for around 10 mins. Then my dad moved his hand towards my ass and started squeezing it. He slowly removed my lungi and pulled down my underwear a little and exposed my ass.

While he was squeezing my ass I grabbed his dick over his underwear.

He spat on his finger and started fingering me.

It was hurting a lot since I had never been fucked before. He suddenly stood up and grabbed a bottle of oil from the drawer next to the bed.
He applied a lot of oil on my ass and stared fingering me.

First one finger, then two and then he went for three fingers. It was hurting at first then it got comfortble.

When he saw that I was relaxed he removed his underwear and applied some oil on his dick. Thats when I saw his dick for first time. It was 8 inches long and fat.

I said to my dad “Please do it slowly.” and he said “Ofcourse my dear son”. He started inserting his dick head and I started screaming.

He stopped my scream by kissing me and continued to penetrate me.

Slowly slowly all of his dick was inside. He waited for me to get adjusted and then he started moving his hips back and forth. It started paining at first few minutes but I started enjoying and was moaning after that.

When my dad saw I was enjoying he increased his speed. We were in missionary position. My legs on his shoulders and he was stroking my dick.
He then pulled his dick out and laid on his back.

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He made me sit on his dick. Ohh that feeling was amazing. I could feel his dick inside me going deeper and deeper.

I started hopping up and down and he grabbed on to boobs and started squeezing it. Even though the AC was on we were sweating a lot. After 10 min we got back to missionary position.

My dad by pounding my ass real hard and I was moaning like crazy. Then his said he is about to cum. I said leave it in. He started pounding even harder and then he came inside me and filled my ass with his semen.

He landed on me and was breathing heavily. He then laid beside me and started stroking my dick and while kissing me. I came in no time. My whole chest was filled with my cum.

We just laid there and dozed off hugging each other.