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Family fuckers story: Aditya back next day afternoon and Natik explained each piece in detail to him what had happened between Hunnar and him.

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He also asked Aditya, what’s his though on keep Hunnar safe for father?

Whereas Aditya, initially agrees to what Natik was saying.

** but Hunnar look Aditya as father figure and don’t want to fuck him but want to get fucked by him.

When Hunnar came back from college, he greeted Aditya and they had discussion on dinner, whereas they agreed today Adtiya and Hunnar will try and Natik will sleep in Father’s bedroom.

Let’s see how this happened and who fuck who?

(Story narrated by Hunnar and skipping initial story line)

Later that night, Aditya and I were kissing in bed. We were only in our boxers, with me lying on my back and Aditya on top of me.

My legs were wrapped around his waist and my hands were exploring his back, feeling his hard warmth beneath my fingertips. We were dry humping, our cocks rock hard, mine almost aching.

I pulled away from his kiss, turned my head slightly and Aditya planted kisses along my jaw, down my neck.

He placed his hands either side of my shoulders to hold himself up as he looked down at me, a white grin on his face and his blue eyes piercing.

`I love you, Hunnar,’ he said before leaning down to kiss me once on the lips.

I moved my hands to his neck and I leaned up to kiss him back. `I love you, too.’

Aditya smiled, slightly lopsided. I felt a shiver run through me and I knew then that I wanted him more than I wanted anything else in the world.

He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, I kissed him, long and deep. He collapsed back on top of me, his hands in my hair and mine moving down his muscular body.

`I want you to fuck me,’ I whispered in his ear.

Aditya didn’t say anything back, just kissed me on the lips, then down my neck. I removed my legs from around his waist and he moved down my adolescent body, planting kisses as he went. When Aditya reached my crotch, he felt at my hard cock, rubbing it through the material of my boxers.

He pulled the waistband and my cock sprang free, standing straight up, but not for long. Aditya took my six inches in his mouth, my balls in his hand.

I thrust my hips, forcing my cock even deeper inside his mouth. Aditya sucked down hard, playing with my balls as he did so. I felt his other hand on my thigh and I spread my legs, allowing him some better access to my hole. He brushed one fingertip over and around it, lightly pressing down.

With my fingers tangled in Aditya’ hair, I guided his head up and down my shaft, still bucking my hips. Aditya’ finger pressed inside my hole and I gasped at the burning sensation.

He pushed his finger inside slowly, eventually brushing past my prostate. Somehow, he managed to suck my cock perfectly while also massaging my sweet spot.

I threw my head back and bit down on my lower lip to try to stop myself from moaning too loudly.

Aditya pulled off my cock and, keeping his finger inside me, moved back up my body to kiss me. He fucked me slowly with his finger as we kissed, brushing my sweet spot every time he moved his finger.

`You like that, little brother?’ he asked, smiling at me. `You’re so tight.’

I nodded, unable to speak, afraid I would let out a moan loud enough to alert our mum. Instead, I kissed him again, trying to convey my lust for my big brother. My need for his cock inside me.

`Get on all-fours, Hunnar,’ Aditya said, pulling out his finger and sitting back on his heels.

I did as he said, lowering my head and raising my arse. I hugged a pillow, biting down to suppress my groans as Aditya inserted his finger again.

A second quickly followed and I could feel him scissoring them apart, loosening up my tight virgin hole.

Aditya shifted and I felt a rough moistness on my hole, followed quickly by a full body shiver.

I looked down under my body to see that Aditya was licking at my hole. Both our cocks were fully erect, leaking pre-come. From this angle, his cock looked even bigger and I swallowed nervously at the thought of having it inside me.

Licking hungrily at my hole, Aditya inserted a couple of fingers, using both them and his tongue to loosen me up. I felt almost ready to burst with longing for him.

I bucked my hips back against Aditya’ face, forcing his tongue and fingers further inside me. It wasn’t enough. I needed his big, thick cock filling me up, slamming into me.

I moaned, struggling to get the words out. `Fuck me, please, Aditya. I need you to fuck me.’

Aditya moved back, removed his fingers and got up off the bed. He picked up the bottle of lube from inside his top drawer. I could see his cock was as hard as I’ve ever seen it. Standing straight out of his toned body, seven inches of thick meat.

`You want this dick, Hunnar?’ he asked, his lopsided grin plastered on his handsome face.

But we decided to keep you safe for father, Aditya replied.

I nodded, arched my back and bucked my hips. `Please, Aditya,’ I pleaded.

Aditya loosened his control

He leant down to kiss me quickly before returning to kneeling behind me. I felt the coldness of the lube on my hole, followed by the slight burning of his fingers inside me.

I tilted my head down to look back between my legs at Aditya. He moved closer, positioning his cock against my hole. His hands holding my hips, he slowly pushed the head inside.

It hurt like hell and I gasped, wincing at the pain. I hugged the pillow tightly, burying my face in it. Aditya moved inside me slowly. Extremely slowly. Every inch seemed to take an hour.

I could hear him murmuring but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. The intense feeling of fullness and the burning of entry overloaded my senses.

Eventually, Aditya bent down, pressing his torso against my back. He kissed my shoulders and neck, whispered in my ear, `I’m all the way inside you, Hunnar. How’s it feel?’

Still wincing from the pain, I managed to say, `Your dick’s so big. It hurts.’

Aditya kissed my cheek and I turned my head to kiss him on the mouth. He had one hand planted next to my left, holding himself up, and with the other he massaged my right arm.

`You want me to pull out?’ he asked, speaking so quietly I could barely hear him. `We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready.’

I shook my head. I still wanted my brother to fuck me.

`No, Aditya,’ I said. `It’s not that bad.’

`You ready for me to start moving?’ Kissing my skin wherever he could reach.

I nodded and Aditya moved his cock out slightly, staying in the same position, with his body pressed close against mine.

He pushed back in and I felt the pain subside a little. With each thrust, Aditya’ cock moving inside me felt better.

`You’re so tight, Hunnar,’ he whispered in my ear. `You sure you’re all right?’

I nodded, lifted my head up and pushed my hips back against his forward thrust. His cock slammed into me. I groaned from the sensation and continued to meet his thrusts with my bucks.

Aditya moved off me, leaning back. His hands returned to my hips, holding me and controlling my movements. He began taking longer thrusts. The empty feeling of his cock leaving, then the fullness when it pushed back all the way in again.

Family fuckers story of horny brothers in a threesome

Aditya kept changing his pace and the force of his thrusting until he managed to hit that one particular sweet spot.

My entire body shook, again and again as Aditya continued to hit my prostate. He started fucking me faster, harder. Each time brushing past that one spot that made me bury my head in the pillow to stop from loudly groaning in pleasure.

Aditya slowed, eventually stopping with his cock buried deep inside me. `Let’s change positions,’ he said. `I wanna see your face.’