TMKOC gay fan fiction between Jethalal & Tarak

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TMKOC gay fan fiction: To the world it was just friendship. But for them it was more than that. It was love and passion. Love that was first sight and passion that ignited a never ending fire within them.

They wanted to be together, always in each other’s embrace…but, their responsibility towards their families never let them stay together. Tarak loved his wife dearly and Jethalal loved his family. But…they loved each other as well.

To the world Tarak and Jethalal were best friends but only they knew what they were to each other. Jethalal had a completely happy family but he was missing that spark in his life.

After shifting to Gokuldham Society he met several men in the society. But no one excited him. One day as he was leaving for his shop he saw Tarak Mehta.

They both were not close and friendly with each other in the start but they started forming a bond and their friendship grew quickly. They became best friends.

One day as Tarak was sitting in his home and working, Jethalal came and said, Mehta sahab kya Anjali bhabhi ghar par hai? Tarak replied, ‘Nahi woh to ghar par nahi nahi hai’.

Jethalal took a breath of relief and said, ‘Mehta sahab, main aapko jo kehne jaa raha hu vo shayad aapko ajeeb lage ya galat lage. Lekin main ab aur nahi rok paunga apne apne aap ko. Pata nahi kab aur kaise mujhe aap pasand aane lage, kaise aapki awaaz, aapki baatein aur aapki hasi mujhe pagal kar deti hai, lekin yahi sach hai. Mehta sahab main pyaar karta hu aapse.’

Tarak got up from his seat and went towards the door. He closed them and went to Jethalal. He slightly kissed Jethalal on his lips and whispered, ‘I love you too’.

Their kiss deepend. After a few minutes they both realized the seriousness of their words and the gravity of the situation.

After a long discussion they both realized that their relationship will be hidden from the world and no one can know about it.

After this they kissed each other again. Tarak pushed Jethalal on his knees and Jetha started sliding down Tarak’s joggers. As the joggers fell what jethalal saw was a huge 8 inches thick cock.

Jethalal started licking it with the tip of his tongue. He started by licking the precum that was oozing out of that monster and moving downwards he took both the balls one by one and sucked them.

Tarak was moaning hard because of this sensual blowjob. Jethalal continued sucking him for another half an hour, going deep throat, sucking it like a lollipop in different ways.

After sucking for a good amount of time, Tarak made Jethalal stand up and took him to his bedroom. Yes, the same bedroom where he fucks his wife.

Tarak started unbuttoning Jethalal’s shirt and pants. He didn’t want any barrier between their bodies. Tarak started sniffing Jethalal’s underarms which were hairy and sweaty. He threw Jethalal on the bed and climbed on top of him.

He entangled both of their hands and started sucking, licking and biting Jetha’s boobs. They were big and beautiful with big brown nipples. He started drinking them one by one. It was Jethalal’s turn to moan in pleasure and ecstasy.

Tarak moved a little downwards and spread both of Jethalal’s legs. He took Jethalal’s 4 inch cock in his mouth and started sucking them. And then he moved more downwards and started touching Jethalal’s unopened virgin asshole.

It was never touched, its depth unexplored, inviting Tarak to fill it with his love, passion, and cum.

Tarak inserted one finger and Jethalal moaned. He started the to and fro movement and every time it happens, Jethalal shivers.

After a few minutes, Tarak inserted another finger and then one more. When Jethalal’s hole became slightly loose, Tarak started rimming it. This sent Jethalal to another heaven. He started moaning heavily.

Tarak then got up and once again inserted his cock in Jethalal’s mouth. As an obedient lover, he sucked the dick and greased it well. Then Tarak moved towards Jethalal’s hole and kept his dick in his entrance.

With one Swift motion he pushed and the tip of his dick was inside Jethalal’s hole. Jethalal shouted to which Tarak inserted his finger into Jethalal’s mouth.

After being in that position for a few minutes, Tarak pushed once again and he was inside Jethalal completely. Jethalal bit Tarak’s fingers and Tarak pinched his nipples harder.

Tarak started fucking slowly. They both were in sync with each other. After a few minutes, Tarak increased his speed. Both of them were sweating heavily but not getting tired.

After fucking for few more minutes, Tarak took out his cock and inserted into Jethalal’s mouth. Jetha sucked it well.

Tarak came from behind and inserted his dick again in a way that he can fuck Jethalal and massage both of his boobs.

He was constantly saying, ‘Jethalal tumne mujhe charam sukh diya hai. Tumhare saath jo anand ki anubhooti ho rahi hai vo pehle kabhi nahi hui. Ab main tumhare saath roz sambhog karunga. I love you Jethalal.’

Jethalal couldn’t say anything as he was in ecstasy. While fucking, Tarak suddenly increased his speed and said, ‘Mera veerya kaha loge Jethalal.’

To which Jethalal replied, ‘Apne ras ko mere andar chhod dijiye Mehta sahab aur bana lijiye mujhe hamesha ke liye apna’. With this Tarak started banging Jethalal like a monster and both were sweating profusely.

While fucking, Tarak increased his speed and released his entire juice in Jethalal’s asshole. They both lay there for a few minutes and slowly Tarak took out his cock outside of Jethalal’s hole.

TMKOC gay fan fiction story of Tarak Mehta and Jethalal as lovers

His hole was dripping cum. They both faced each other and embraced each other and slept. In the afternoon the doorbell rang which disturbed their sleep. It was Tipendra Jethalal Gada outside Tarak Mehta’s house.

Why was he there? Does he know about the relationship that Jethalal and Tarak Mehta share?

Well, you gotta stay tuned to know what happened because there’s much more to the story…

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