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Daddy boy story: Hey guys I’m Abeer and I’m back with another true story. I’m 21 years old and this is my 4th story for the website, after I received such good feedback for the previous stories. Email me at [email protected] and give me your reviews for this one.

I live in a flat in my building in my city, like most other people do. My building is about 9 floors high with two flats per floor but only 10 families actually live in the building. The rest of the places are either rented out, or left empty by the owners of the flats.

Everyone in the building knows of each other, but we barely interact. On the 9th floor of the building, from one of the 10 permanent families, was a family of four: a mother, father, and two sons.

Both the sons in the family were around my age. We used to play together with other kids in the building since childhood.

I went to their house often and met their parents and we got to know each other well as building friends.

On one occasion, my family was out and I was living in my home alone. I had a very regular schedule, so I would always come home at 4:30 pm on weekdays.

On Thursday, I was walking towards home, and I walked into Qasim uncle (the father of the two boys). We were having a casual conversation where I mentioned that my family was out of town and was going to return on Tuesday, so I was going to chill at home.

We spoke about some other things in the society and I went back home.

The next day (Friday), I walked into Qasim uncle once more and he asked me about how I was going to manage food for the day and I told him that I will order it from outside.

He offered me to come to his house for dinner and eat with everyone on Friday itself, instead of ordering from outside. Initially I denied the offer, but because he persisted, I accepted it.

He asked me to come at 6:45 so that I could chill with his sons and sit for dinner later.

So I went home tired, took a nap and then a shower, got ready in a t-shirt and shorts and went to the house at 6:45. When I entered his house Qasim uncle told me to sit on the couch in the hall and wait for a while.

I was expecting his sons to come out and meet me, but there was no sign of anyone being around the house.

Eventually, Qasim uncle came outside the kitchen and told me that his sons and wife were outside for some family gathering and they were going to come back. However, they changed plans last minute and decided to stay there overnight.

So today him and I were going to have dinner together and he was going to make it. At first I thought that the excuse was so weird and it didn’t make any sense to me, but I knew uncle since childhood so I overlooked all of it.

I switched on the TV in the hall and watched some random shows to waste time, I thought that all of this was going to be very awkward. At about 7:15, uncle said that the food was ready and that he was going to take a bath before we ate because he was sweating from the heat of the kitchen.

So he went to shower and I waited in the hall, continuing to watch TV. In about 5 minutes, I heard uncle shout from the guest room, where he was taking a shower “Abeer, can you come here for a minute please?”

I replied, “Yes uncle, I’m coming now”. I went inside his bedroom and his head was peeking out of the bathroom, “Abeer, there is no soap here, can you look into that cupboard and give me a soap bar from the bottom shelf?”

The guest cupboard was opposite the bathroom door, so I opened it and bent down to take a bar of soap. In that shelf, far in the back I saw a masturbator, and I was shocked. I quickly took the soap and gave it to him, and he said “Abeer, why don’t you watch TV here only, the bed is more comfortable. I’ll change in 5 minutes and we’ll be good to go.”

When he closed the door I went back to look at the masturbator. The shocking part about the masturbator was that the part where you put the dick inside looked like an asshole, not a vagina.

I was scandalised and I was wondering why uncle would ask me to get the soap from a place where he put the masturbator. Or did one of his sons hide it there by mistake?

I closed the cupboard and sat on his bed to watch TV to distract myself once more. At about 7:30 he came out of the washroom in a t-shirt and shorts and sat next to me while I was watching TV.

Now the guest bed was a single bed, so there wasn’t too much space for both of us to fit. The room was also quite small. Qasim uncle switched the TV channel to smart tv and played a saved video on it “Abeer lets watch this movie for sometime, I really like it”

I replied, “Ok uncle.”

The movie started and showed this middle aged white man who was staring at a young brown boy mowing his lawn. The man called the boy home to pay him for mowing.

At this point Qasim uncle told me that he was feeling uncomfortable since the two of us were on one bed, so he lifted me up and put me between his thighs.

I was so shocked when he did that because that’s not something very casual to do, but uncle seemed unbothered about it. He acted like there was nothing weird. As I looked at the film, I saw that the middle aged-man had no money and that he paid the brown boy by grabbing his ass and squeezing it.

I realised very soon that it was a porn film. Slowly, I felt something on my ass… It was Qasim uncle’s growing bulge.

To make the picture clearer, I’ll describe myself. I’m a fair twink, at that time I was about 5′ 7”, with a slim body (like Timothee Chalamet) which is very smooth. I have a clean shaven face with deep eyes and short hair.

I’ve often been called “pretty” with a boy-like charm. And to top it all off, I have a round juicy butt that many people have been lustful for.

On the other hand, Qasim uncle is a total daddy. He is 6’ 3” with a huge chest that you cannot miss. His arms are massive and strong, and so are his legs, he basically looked like Jason Momoa’s (Aquaman) dad bod phase.

His chest is covered with a thin layer of grey hair and he has an astounding presence. He had a buzz cut with grey hair, a stubble, full lips and light brown eyes.

Now you can imagine my tiny little body on Qasim uncle’s bear-like physique. His bulge kept growing and I could feel how big of a cock he had. In the movie, the middle-aged man grabs the boy into his house by force and kisses him intensely.

While sitting on uncle’s lap, I turned my head around towards him and saw that uncle had a smirk on his face and stared deep into my eyes with a creepy, primal, sexual appetite.

I looked at the TV screen again and now I felt uncle’s hands on my waist, and he tried to pull my t-shirt up. As I kept watching the film, the reality dawned upon me: QASIM UNCLE WANTED TO FUCK ME.

Now it all made sense to me. Qasim uncle asked me if my family was here on Thursday, and I said they weren’t. So he knew I was alone. Then he figured out that I came home at 4:30pm. So on Friday he intentionally waited to meet me at that time and asked me to come to his home.

He made a lame excuse on why the rest of the family wasn’t there. I think that they were out of town already. Then he called me to the guest room to give him soap, when he could have easily showered in his bathroom. He just wanted me to see his masturbator.

He wanted us to sit together on the single bed watching that movie so that he could put me on his lap. I was foolish to not get the hint. The simple “kind” man turned out to be a mastermind. He tried to lure me into fucking him.

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I began thinking of Qasim uncle from a completely different angle now. All of a sudden he seemed so manly and authoritative. He felt like an alpha male trying to get his thirst quenched by a slender twink so that he could assert his dominance.

He saw himself as the white man and me as the brown boy in the movie. As my body was on him I became more aware of his herculean physique… and his monster cock. I could only think of one thing now: being fucked and used like a slut by this beast of a man.

What kind of a daddy would you want to fuck? Have you ever been seduced by someone older than you in such a way? Or do you fantasise having sex with a particular neighbour?

Let me know how you’ve liked the story so far on [email protected]. Wait for the next part to find out what Qasim uncle did to me.