Desi sex fun story of horny gay guys: 1

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Desi sex fun story: I am Jay and I am back after very long time. I have been hearing from a lot of you about my old stories and I would like to thank you all for that today. I’m going to tell you a story about when I joined a new company in city of dreams, Mumbai.

Before I do that, let me tell you about myself. I am Jay and I am tall enough to be not called short. I have a dick of 7 inch but I love to spread my legs. Okay, coming back to the story. I shifted myself to a new city and I was hoping that I will find new adventures, new people and maybe even love.

It was my first day at the office and everything was going pretty normal. I got introduced to my team and the people around. I was completing my formalities of the company.

I was checking out people in my new company and I found few hot guys but of course that was not the time to even talk to them. I was done with my day and went back home.

It continued for a week and I was getting accustomed to new environment. I didn’t even have a time to login into any of the social media apps for a week. I was feeling quite lonely as I didn’t have anyone to talk to in this alien place.

I finally downloaded few dating apps along with the popular gay cruising app.

I was just checking out if there is any gay guys around me and for my surprise I found a guy whose body looked picture perfect was 10 m away from me. It means I have someone around me. I didn’t think twice and as I was so mesmerised seeing those pics that I pinged him and I wasn’t expecting any response as I’m not as good looking as him.

After five minutes, I saw a reply from him. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t believe that I have got a reply from him and I replied with a ‘Hi’.

It started off well and we were having decent conversation and also shared our likes on bed. Gladly, that was matching well as he liked to fuck and get sucked and I loved doing that for him. Then, we thought of catching up but before that he asked me, can he see my pictures?

I was bit hesitant to share my pictures as it was office space and if things doesn’t work out between us, it will be always odd him being around me. There were lot of thoughts running in my head and I was being indecisive.

Before I could decide, he sent me his album and when I opened it, I was wide mouth opened as he was looking damn hot. He has shared pictures in his underwear and in his formal looks. I couldn’t thank my stars to see him now.

I started looking all around to find him but nobody resembled hot pictures I could see in front of my screen. On the other hand, I was getting more sure that probably he may not like me.

Trying my luck, I share my album to him with my pictures. For my surprise, he liked me and told me to meet in the lobby. I said okay and went to washroom to arrange myself before meeting this new hottie.

I reached the lobby and I saw he is waiting for me. Looking at him I had butterfly in my stomach. He looked even more handsome in the real. He asked me are you new here and I said yes. He gave a slight smirk.

We had some random chat and he asked me would I like to have a coffee with him. I like a baby said ‘yes’ jumping with joy.

We both went to the canteen and ordered for a coffee. We sipping our coffee, were talking about a lot of other things and he was looking straight into my eyes which oozed his confidence. And what better than a confident man.

I have surely liked him and I wanted to see much more than what I can see in public. If given a chance I would have stripped him right there. Lol. But I have to control it is office. I was sure that it is impossible.

We were done with the coffee and we both moved towards the washroom to wash our hands. I was slightly hoping that if we can do something in the washroom though it is very risky.

We both went inside the washroom and went to the urinal. We were pissing right next to each other and I wasn’t getting a courage to look at his dick, but I guess he has mastered at it.

He just peeked and looked at my dick. He commented that I have a big dick because I was hard just thinking about him. Getting a little courage, I peaked too and saw his dick which was hard too and will be mostly around 6 inch or more. I told him his dick looks yummy.

He gave me a look and for my surprise just pulled me towards him for a smooch. I wasn’t prepared for it but gained composure and started kissing him.

He put his tongue and kissing me well. I couldn’t believe I was getting smooch right there in the washroom.

Our dicks were out of pants and I slowly caught his dick and pressed it. He just moaned inside my mouth and I loved it. He moved apart from me a little and looked at me and asked how was it.

Desi sex fun story of a horny and wild gay young man

I gleaming with smile said it was awesome. And you look good with your hard dick out. He said this dick is hard for you and you have to make it calm. I looked at him with surprise. I said wish I could I help you out but how we can do that.

There’s more juice to the story which I will narrate in next part. He made me do the impossible in the office washroom and I couldn’t say no.

Drop your suggestions and feedback in my mail at [email protected]. Until, I am back keep shagging, keep fucking and don’t stop enjoying.