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Hinglish sex story: It was an usual evening of May back in 2018, when I was running a stationary wholesale business along with my school job. My office was centred at my maternal house situated 19 kms from my house.

I was entering the new stock and tallying the present one with the physical stock report. It took a lot of time and it was already 8.30 p.m., when my Mamaji came and said, “Ghar jaoge ya aaj rukoge kyunki late ho gaya hai.”

To which I replied, “Nahi nahi jana hai koi hai nahi ghar pe.” He then said, “To aakar khana kha lo aur jaldi niklo kyunki scooty hai nahi auto se jana hai.” I shut down the system and binded up the work for the next day, rushed upstairs to have my dinner.

After finishing I took my bag and started towards the main gate. Then only I realized about the “Rapido” bike taxi service which has recently started up in my town. I already had the app and had used it once or twice. Took out my phone and started booking my ride.

Within minutes I got a ride confirmation and it asked me to wait for 7 minutes for my ride captain to arrive. I was waiting eagerly for the ride at the main gate and then I got a call from the captain to confirm the location. I guided him and within minutes he was in front of me. Tall, Young and Bulked guy❤️😍….. Sanjay.

Broad chest and shoulders, sharp cut face, sharp eyes, kissable lips, his chest hair peeping from his tight shirt’s open buttons and his huge meaty thighs were clearly visible from his tight track pants.

I literally scanned his manly body through my eyes and was jaw dropped☺️☺️. He asked me about the drop location and was happy to know as he also lived in the same area. I took the seat and the ride started. I placed my left hand in such a way that it rested on his thighs near to his groin😜😜.

He started with a normal conversation and we started talking. He was a funny guy with a good sense of humor. It wasn’t a pleasant weather but the company was. I started touching his crotch and it wasn’t that difficult to spot his tool in his track pants.

I gave a random touch and he was normal. This gave me courage and I placed my hand onto his tool, he was talking normally but my heart was bouncing. But his normal tone and behavior calmed me down. Yes of course he had a huge bulge which I was holding but he was not showing any interest towards that as if he was not knowing about it.

I was continuously stroking his bulge and his tool was definitely responding to it. This way I reached my destination and I paid him. He kept his hand on his bulge and said, “Achha laga aapke sath, time ka pata hi nahi chala.” I smiled and asked him for a glass of water……

My plan to drag him inside😁. He nodded and followed me back. My tenant on the ground floor asked whether she should lock the door or not, I said, “Didi aap so jaiye main lock kar dunga.”

She closed her door and I came to the first floor with him. Unlocked the door and asked him to take a seat and I went to fetch some water. He felt totally comfortable sitting on the sofa and I was feeling a bit nervous as he was a stranger.

But my horniness😂… I took out rasogullas in a bowl as it’s not a good manner to offer just water☺️. Took the tray to him and he lit up seeing the sweet. He ate and then drank water. Stood up to leave and said, “Chalun ya koi aur service milegi.”

I laughed and said, “Aur kya loge.” He just rubbed his bulge and said, “Ab ise jagaya hai to iski bhi sewa kar dijiye….”

I gave a smile and asked him inside the bedroom. Locked up the main entrance and switched off the lights of the hall. Came to the bedroom and switched on the AC, he gave a sigh of relief as it was burning hot outside.

I asked if he wanted to take a shower as we both were drenched in sweat. He said only if I would accompany him. I nodded and in no time we were all naked. His hung tool led my eyes to pop out😳….. It was almost 5 while sleeping and as thick as a grown cucumber. I was wondering how I will take that🙄.

We went inside the bathroom and turned on the shower and let the hot water from pipe flow through. Till then he was feeling my boobies and my ass… I tried to kiss him but he resisted. I felt a bit bad as I love intense kissing.

Anyways I started stroking the giant tool. Now when the normal water started flowing, he dragged me into the shower and started playing with my body. And then kissed me and said ,”Bura man gye kya janu.”

I smiled and nodded no. I kissed him passionately and bit him everywhere. He kinda started enjoying and said, “Itna maza to kabhi nahi aaya.”

While he was enjoying the moment I went down and started licking the top of his enormous dick. He moaned in satisfaction, “Aaaahhh…… Han jan waise hi karo……… Aaaahhh…… Hmmmm…. Chuso na pyaar se😍😍😍😍.”

I swallowed his mid hard tool and started sucking it like a lolipop. The cold water flowing through our body was making it rather more tempting to enjoy the session with all pleasure.

His dick started to grow in my mouth and was not able to fit in my mouth. I started to use my skills and broad opened my jaws and gulped that giant in one go. It was huge… Like really huge…

After some deep throat I took it out and started sucking it. He was enjoying and moaning at the same time making me horny as hell. He was gently moving his hands through my hair and gently pushing my head towards his dick.

With almost 15 minutes of sucking session he ejaculated a huge load into my mouth which started dripping off my mouth. I wasn’t able to swallow the whole so spitted it. We patted dry and came out.

I thought this was it and he will take a leave now. But to my surprise he asked for a night’s stay if I don’t have any problems. I said why would I have any☺️☺️☺️☺️.

He called up his home and informed that will be staying at a friend’s house and will return by morning. He asked for a shorts and a charger. I gave him and asked whether he would eat something to which he said, “Main rat ko kewal doodh pita hun.”

I laughed and said will get him the same. He asked to switch on the TV, I did and went to bring some milk. I made a glass of banana smoothie, thought he would love that which he actually did.

After finishing that he asked me to come near him. I went to him and rested my chest on his soft hairy chest. He was watching some South Indian action movie. I fell asleep. When the movie got over he woke me up to go to the toilet.

When he came back he was totally naked with a full hard on dick. It seemed to me just like a snake. He was looking damn hot in night bulb’s light. My sleep was gone 🙃🙃….. He came closer and closer and said,” Asli kam shuru kiya jaye darling❤️❤️.

Karle kiss jahan jahan man hai tera jitna man hai. Masti aa gyi hai mujhe bahut jyada.” I immediately smooched him and this time he supported as well. Passionately he lifted me up in his lap kissing and pressing my ass cheeks.

Putting me on the bed he came over and kissed again saying, “Yaar…. Kiss karne se jyada masti chadhti hai ye to main janta hi nahi tha. Tum to guru nikle mere is mamle me.” Kissing all over my face, he went down to my boobies and started sucking and pressing them.

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He was sucking as if it was a mango. Bites in between gave red marks as well. He kissed all over my smoothly shaved chest and played with my nipples.

I was moaning, “Aaaahhh….. Yeaahhh…. Hmmmm…… Sweetheart that is so good….. Aahhhhhh……..” It gave him more josh and he was getting passionate with every passing moment. I was about to cum…

And as he reached my naval area I shot a load on his chest.

He said, “Ruk jaun ya karta rahun…..” I said ignore this n don’t stop. I cleaned up his chest and he again smooched me and pointed towards his dick making a bunny face ☺️. I slipped down and started sucking with all my skills.

He was enjoying it so much moaning now and then saying, “Bhenchod itni ladkiya chodi hain, saali sab chusne me itna nakhra karti thi nahi le paungi, bada hai, ganda lagta hai….. Saala ye sukh ab mila ja kar, kahan tha janeman tu ab tak…… Aaaahhh…… Yaar maza aa rha hai….. Aahhhhhh……. Karta ja yar ruk mat……”

To be continued…