Gay interracial story of Indian man with foreigner: 2

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Interracial homo story: I threw him on the bed and jumped on top of him, kissing him some more. We eventually started 69ing. I was sucking his dick, while he was sucking mine in a much more sensual way. After a while I felt that I couldn’t wait longer.

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‘I really want to finish you off’ I said. ‘Right here, right now’.

He slid off the bed and went on to grab the backpack. From the front pocket, he pulled out a bottle of lube and a plastic bag with at least a dozen condoms.

‘Did you get fucked before?’. I asked
Tom: ‘ yeah , the first time ever I fuck my stepson justin and after fucking him so many times he asked me that he also wanted to fuck me.

I agreed because his tool was just 4.5 inch long he fucked me but I couldn’t feel anything so you can consider it that you are the first one who really gonna fuck me.

He got up on four on the bed, exposing his pinkish hole. It looked awfully inviting. Even though it was my dick, more so than my mouth, that I wanted to shove up in there.

I still went on to rim his hole, just light sensual touches at the very edge of his rosebud, kind like light brush strokes. This probably caught him by surprise as his whole body tensed up at the first touch of my tongue.

But he relaxed shortly after. He seemed to be enjoying this feeling, based on the whimpering sounds coming out of his mouth. I then took the bottle of lube and dropped a couple of squirts on his rosebud.

I rubbed it a little bit and inserted a first finger, and then a second one. His hole was tight, as to be expected, but he took my fingers without any complaint.

He started moaning again, as I stroked my fingers in and out of his hole. After he was loosened up.

Me : are you ready for the real fun
Tom: yeah baby now fuck me like there is no tomorrow fuck me baby I can’t wait anymore
I tell him to came into  doggy position I go after him and started teasing his hole with my monster and I just love the way his hole react.

Tom: oh man now fuck me please I am begging you please…

I put a little more lube on my dick and I gently try to enter in his tight asshole I try many times but be cause of my thick dick tip I fail to enter it gentle.

Suddenly I get excited and I wrapped his waist tightly and after a powerful push  dick tip was enter in his hole and he screams very loudly.

Tom: Aaaaa oh my god please be slow man your dick is too thick it couldn’t get it in easily
His face turn into red and I saw tears in his eyes.

I stop in this position for a while after sometime I slowly start moving and then I enter half my dick into his tight asshole he moans slowly.

I continue my movement after sometimes his hole adjust the thickness of my dick and I thoughts that this is the right time to enter fully inside his tight man cunt I push a little hard and I was fully inside him.

Tom: aaa  Mmm fuck  oh my god aaa it hurting very much my hole is burning like a hell now aaah…

He try to bend his upper body on the bed but I wrapped my right hand across his neck and and left hand across his waist and get him up I stop for a moment and start kissing him.

While kissing I continued pounding this hole he started moaning.

Tom: aah aah mmm oh fuck me man ah fuck it feel so fucking great.

I know he still felt the pain but now he also started to enjoy I increased the speed and he  starts moaning continuously.

Tom: aahh aah aah mmm  mmm fuck aah
Me: oh bitch yor are so fucking tight I love your fucking tight hole yeaahh do you like this

Tom: yes baby fuck me like this I love your monster inside my hole fuck me baby yeaahh

Interracial homo story of horny and wild gay fucking men

After fucking him 10 minutes in doggy position I tel him to turn and I put his legs on my shoulders and continued pounding him deeply and started kissing him while fucking and kissing.

I picked him into my arms and he wrapped his legs around my waist now he is riding my cock while I was stand we both love that after fucking him 25 minutes in that position.

I realized that I will cum soon now I get him in missionary position and started pounding him with full speed and after sometime I cum inside his asshole my load was overloaded from his hole.

We kissed and we slept tougher while my  dick was still in his ass and his  ass and my dick was fully covered with my cum load.

I fuck him again next day with a surprise if you want to know  about the surprise please comment below.