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Str8 seduction story: Hey everyone. I am Raj from Delhi 18 years teen gay with a slim smooth body. The story starts from that day when I go to college for the first time my first where I met a guy his name is Ankit.

He is also 18. He is introvert. He lives near to my house which is around 6-7 miles away from house he lives in housing society with beautiful views from his house personally.

I love his home. I love to visit there but whenever my friend invited me there I refused him always and pretended to him that I don’t have any interest in him.

Actually the main reason is I don’t want to invade that I am gay so I always pretend to straight.

One day I in 2nd semester I go to my college and our teacher gave us a assignment wait…

Let me tell you about my friend he is such a cute and adorable kid. He is a kid because I think he is not mature at all.

I love him. I love his behaviour. He is tall as me and he is fit with a glowing face he has a beautiful smile and his gestures are really really loving when ever I see him.

I always wanted to hug him he never told me about his love or anything but I do not as a gay, as a straight boy he had never crush on any girl according to him.

I think he also likes me too because whenever I try to make eye contact with him he always break it according to me he is the most beautiful boy I have ever met.

Soo…lets get back to story so that assignment is not individual that is done in pair and we have submit it on the day after that day. So forcefully he convinced me to go to their home for group project.

So after all the classes we went to his house and do project work while doing project we realised that its already 11 pm and I have go home.

So I called my parents and they said stay there and to college tomorrow directly from there. I said I have no problem actually that time.

I was happy his apartment is so big so thay gave me a personal room for night which I wasn’t expecting that I was expecting to sleep with my best friend but I have to now.

So I go to that room at 12 after completion of our project then I lay down on bed. I wasn’t able to sleep alone there. I am lil bit scared too of light coming from the balcony at 1 o’clock.

There is a knock knock on the gate of room it was soo quite I think I should not open the door. So I ignored it then my friend texted me are you awake do you need anything.

Then I said yes I am awake. I don’t need anything but I am not able to sleep here. Then he replied open the door then I open it.

There was him at that time I controlled so much not to hug him but after some seconds at the door I did after that hug of 2-3 seconds. I leave him and then he was blushing and I am literally getting horny.

At that time he enters the room without saying any words and sit on the bed. Then I lock the door and sit with him then he said in very simple tone I am gay and I am not able to control my self not to love you.

I love you more then anything. You are my everything. I can give you anything I know you are thinking that how stupid I am proposing a straight boy.

He stopped me with… I…. I murmed I around 4-5 times I remember without saying any word after I I kissed him on his soft lips.

We kissed around 10-15 mins. After that he asked me to go with him to his room. We both hold each other’s hands and we went to his room at that time.

When he was taking me to his room from middle of his house I was feeling such a unique and beautiful feeling which I always remember.

When we reach there he locks the door and kissed me again so hard. Then he asked me to sit and show me his drawing file where he draw so many sketches of mine with my praises like the person with most beautiful eyes and many more.

After seeing that all I keep that file aside and then I kissed him we both are blushing we both lay down. I take off his shirt and off mine shirt.

His soft body with beautiful waist… I love it. I give him hickey while kissing he puts his hand in my underwear at that time I shivered.

I love that. I did the same thing then I take off his underwear and lay between his legs and I give him handjob first then I suck it.

His dick is around 7 inch long thick dick after that he requested me to fuck with I said ok. He changed his position to doggy style first. I kissed his asshole then put my fingers inside him.

Str8 seduction story of a sexy and horny gay boy

He said aah in very low volume then slowly I put my dick inside him and started penetrating him for 15-20 mins.

I got cum inside him after that I say sorry to him for doing cum inside him. He kissed me and I love you I love your cum.

You are mine. Then we both hugged each other and I lay on him totally naked. I like that feeling and at end we were late for tomorrow college then we missed that…