Toilet gay story of kinky fun with a stranger

Public face fucking fun with a horny sucker in public toilet

Toilet gay story: Hello everyone, this is my first time posting a story here on IGS. So I hope you all won’t mind any mistakes in it.

First of all, a bit about myself. I am 21 years old. Average height, a bit chubby, fair with a nice bubble butt. I have a 6 inch cut dick, which is quite thick.

I am quite adventurous and have been hooking up since I am 16. This one is a recent adventure of mine, where I was at a local cruising spot in my town. It’s a washroom where you will find many men waiting for you to go down on them or vice versa.

I have had many adventures over there in the past. However recently, it was turned into a pay and use washroom.

So it was diwali time and I decided to try my luck. I went to the washroom and while entering I saw a guy, maybe 26-27 something, standing at the entrance. I went in and stood at one urinal and started peeing.

I was almost done when the guy came in. He was washing his hands at the basin, he had a nice ass and I was already hard thinking about it. But I couldn’t make out if he was actually interested, because he had his mask on.

So giving up, I zipped up (I had a big bulge in my pants) left and was giving money to the man sitting outside, and this guy comes out and brushes his hand against my bulge.

I looked at him, and he asked me to get back inside. But I thought that someone might doubt me, so I just left with heavy regret.

Next day evening I went back to the same place, it was quite dark. But I spotted the same guy out, he was chatting with the man collecting money. He was wearing a nice red kurta with white pyjamas and was carrying bags with him.

This time I did the same thing, went in and occupied one urinal. As expected he came inside. He came directly behind me and cupped ass from my pants ( I was wearing loose tracks so it was easier for him).

I signalled him to come in the last stall, which is always my favourite lmao.

He replied “Ha wait, I will be back in 2 mins”. He went outside, probably he kept his bags with the man sitting out and told him “Time lagega”, to which I understood the man knows what goes on inside.

By the time he returned I was already in the stall, with my dick out. He joined me and locked the door behind him. The stall was pitch dark with only some light coming out from the window. I was not able to make out how he looked.

I wasn’t prepared for what was coming next. He lowered his mask, pushed me to the wall and kissed me hard. (It was unexpected, as many men refrain from making out)

“You okay with kissing?”, he asked and I was like hell yess. We started making out there with our hands cupping each other’s faces. We occasionally sucked on our tongues. It was one of my best makeout sessions.

I took my hands and unbuttoned his kurta, which he then brought over his neck, exposing his chest, barely anything was visible, but he really had a nice soft chest. I started kissing him while pinching on his nipples. He let out a moan in between.

He then put over my t-shirt in the same manner, and started caressing my chest. Our hands then went down. My dick was already out, which he started to tug at. I quickly pushed him on the opposite wall, and my hands started loosening his pyjama string.

With the string undone, they fell to his feet. I broke our kiss and looked down and he gave me an evil grin. He loosened my tracks too and now we both were almost naked standing in front of each other.

I took charge and started kissing his neck wildly. My lips went down to his chest and I started sucking on his nipples. He let out a big moan with “Aaah experienced…”, that made me smile and I started to suck on them harder.

I could feel his dick fighting to come out of the underwear. In between this, he had already pushed my briefs down to my knees and was massaging my cheeks.

Then I, too, pulled his underwear down and got hold of his dick. His dick was just as long as mine, but it was thin.I pulled him closer to me and we started making out wildly again. Our dicks crashing down on each other.

He then stopped and said “Show me your tongue”, and as soon as I pulled my tongue out, he started sucking on it hard. After a good suck, he slowly went down on me. He gave my tip a good suck and then went down to my balls.

My balls are just too sensitive and I couldn’t help but moan. Then he came back to the dick and in a go, took all of my dick in mouth. He started to suck on it.

I got hold of his head and started making light thrusts.I was fucking his nice and warm mouth. After a good 5 mins fuck, I was on the edge so I asked him to stop. We resumed our make out session and he took my left hand to his dick, and right one on the ass.

I located his hole, and started rubbing it. He was enjoying it.

I kneeled down to blow him, slipped his foreskin back and gave a good suck at his head. He was moaning there like crazy. After sometime he took his dick out and turned around with his ass in front of me.

I knew instantly what to do. I buried my face in his ass, without wasting any time. I started to eat him. His hole was a bit hairy, which I didn’t mind, as it was clean and didn’t stink.

I tongue fucked him and gave bites on his cheeks. He was going crazy there. I was also playing with his dick, along with it.

Then he brought me back up and we gave each other multiple pecks and then he hugged me tight. He started kissing the back of my neck and biting my earlobes.

I was almost on the edge and couldn’t take it anymore, I got hold of his head and pushed him down. He started sucking on my dick again. This time it was muchhh better. I was in 7th heaven. I was close, so I asked him to stop and brought him up to kiss me.

We kissed for 2 mins and he said “I wanna eat your cum”, and then he kneeled down and blew me hard. He was also jerking himself off. I couldn’t take it any longer as I was close.

I grabbed his head and pushed my dick down and started spurting out strings of cum in his mouth. In no seconds he started cumming too. I emptied all my load inside him and he licked it clean. He came up and gave me a deep kiss.

We exchanged my cum as we kissed. We both were sweating and panting hard. We started putting back our clothes on, he gave me a kiss on the cheeks and asked me not to pay the man sitting outside.

A bit confused, I left the stall first and when I came out, the man asked “Ho gaya?”. I didn’t say anything, and left. I waited at a distance for the guy to come.

Toilet gay story of a horny and wild fun session

But he didn’t. So I left after waiting for some time. But in 5 mins I changed my mind, I went back there and found he was gone already, as his bags were not there anymore.

It’s been almost a month now, I still go there to look for him, but he doesn’t come there anymore.”

I hope you liked my story. Do tell me about it in the comments.

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