Gay students story of wild fuck with a professor

Gay horny professor fucking the ass of his young student

Gay students story: Hi guys, I am back with another real story that happened to me around April 2016 when I was 18 years old.

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Most of my US stories are from Los Angeles, but what you don’t know is that for the first 10 months, I stayed in Philadelphia before transferring to Los Angeles. This story is about Philadelphia.

All new students had to take ENGL 101, 102 and 103 classes. I had the same professor for 101 and 102, but next quarter 103, I chose a different professor.

Kyuki it was a theme based class and new professor’s theme was “Love is in the air” which I wanted to be part of.

Jumping to the first day of class, I was 2 mins late and as I entered I noticed the class had not started yet. Desk pe ek extremely hot banda (one of my hottest hookups) baitha h, 6 feet 2 atleast, dark blonde, piercing blue eyes.

At first I thought he is a student too, but apparently he was the professor, a HOT professor indeed. Also, he had a rainbow band on so it was pretty clear he was gay.

He introduced himself with his deep manly voice, “Hi, I am Richard (name changed) and I will be your ENGL 103 professor.”

After couple of classes, we got our first assignment to write about. And the topic was to write about any real life love experience about you.

I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but still wanted to confirm,

“Are there any limits to writing this piece? As in can the tone be sexual or vulgar?” I asked.

“There are no limits. It is a piece about you. Give me the most authentic writing you have written so far.

Also, I would be happy to review it before you submit to give you additional feedback for you to revise accordingly.” He replied.

I knew exactly what I was going to write about. I wrote about my boarding school experience in India. I was the WHORE in my hostel.

I honestly think I must have eaten atleast a third of the so called “straight” guys there.

When I started writing, it came so naturally to me.

I wrote about different sexual experiences, how it started, how different guys got to know, and how they wanted to join in, and how tbey acted like nothing happened in the morning and come back in again in the night.

It was an erotic 15 pages of jerk off material in my opinion. I finished the assignment 1 week early and wanted to get Robert’s opinion so I emailed it to him for early feedback.

We decided to meet at Starbucks instead of his office since his office had a fire alarm that day. He had already read the piece and had a printed copy with him with his notes.

We went over the notes together, point by point. It was some good feedback, but I was more focused on something else.

Every once in a while our thighs or feet or hands would touch and it got me horny.

We kept going over the notes and I couldnt pay any attention now, because I was in my slut mode now. I willingly put my toe on top of his to see his reaction. He looked into my eyes with those deep blue eyes and continued.
After a few minutes, our thighs were touching and they kept touching, he didn’t move them either. It was pretty clear now that professor wants more than review this student’s papers.

And finally, he made the final move, he touched my hand with his pinky finger and then put it back. And then there was a the 5 second long gay stare of us imagining ripping each other apart.

“It seems it is really noisy here.” I said.

He agreed and asked, “Fire alarm seems to have gone off now, would you like to finish rest of the review in my office? It certainly is less noisy.”

“Sure. But can we do it at 4 pm? I have to get to another class in 15 mins.”

We had the time set up and I knew exactly what was gonna happen!

At 4 pm sharp I was at his office door, I knocked and he opened.

I got in and he went past me to lock the door while slightly touching my body with his hands. As soon as the door was locked, it was our own private world.

A professor about to devour his student. There was something so seductive and tempting about it. Nevertheless, I was gonna have him in me soon.

The moment he turned back, we found ourselved hugging each other like crazy hungry freaks filled with lust. And then we kissed.

He was an amazing kisser! Perfect use of tongue, and it was as wet as I like it. Perfect chemistry.

My hands grabbed his crotched and I smiled looking into his eyes noticing that he had a nice package down there. Seemed pretty thick and ready for action.

We looked into each other’s eyes and he knew I admired his cock from above his pants.

He put his hand on my head and pushed me down to get on ny knees. I removed his belt, unzipped him and pulled down his undies to reveal that beautiful piece of cock.

It was clean-cut, 8″, pink and thick, already leaking precum. Without wasting anytime, I put it in my mouth.

The next 5 mins were me gulping his cock down my throat and back and him enjoying every moment of it.

He would push it by force sometimes all the way by force and seemed to enjoy me being able to deep throat it.

I looked at his face, got up and we shared a lip kiss. He was wet and rock hard.

He pulled my shorts (yes I always wear shorts) and turned over and asked me to bend over at his desk.

I did exactly as he told me to do. He put some spit into his hands lubed my hole with his fingers. Once he realized that I was lubed enough, without any hesitation jack hammered his tool in my boy hole.

Man, it hurt! He was not a professor but a monster at that point. But I controlled for I knew the pain is temporary. He kept banging me without mercy grabbing my waist with a tight grip.

Who would have known such a handsome guy could be such a pervert within these 4 walls!

After 5 mins of getting fucked by him, he said out aloud, “I am cumming. I’m fucking cumming.”

And dropped his man seed in me and impregnated me and he slid his cock out after milking every drop into my hole.

We both pulled ourselves together. And as I was leaving, he asked, “Can we keep this a secret?”

“Obviously! Would you still like to review the draft?”

“Sure. But you are likely already getting an A because it is well-written.”

Gay students story of a professor fucker

We still went over it and finished the review. I not only got A on that assignment but also the class. We fucked 2-3 times more but decided to keep it professional later.

I moved to Los Angeles later in 2016, but this dirty secret stays with me (and you) now.

Hope aapko bhi maza aaya aur aapka maal baha daala maine!

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