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Teacher fucker story: Hey readers! Get ready for another hot and erotic story to get your dicks as hard as mine right now. This is Saanjh, regular reader and writer on IGS. So this story is shared by a friend and I will write it as my own. Hope you enjoy it.

As soon as my school was over and everyone was worried about their careers, I was sorted. I wanted to join the army. So I started preparing for it. I got to know about a training academy in a far away city.

It was famous and very good as per recommendations. I enrolled in it. The academy provided accommodations where there were mattresses spread in a big hall for everyone to sleep anywhere.

The schedule was very tight. We had to get up at 4 am, go for a jog, workout etc.

After about 7 days we were given a two hours extension to sleep till 6 am. But due to habit I woke up automatically at 4 am. I looked around the hall. Everyone was fast asleep.

I noticed that I had a raging morning boner. I hid it quickly from the blanket but realized that no one was looking. I got very horny as I had not got the opportunity to masturbate for a month.

Next to me were my friends. I looked at them.

They were shirtless. Everyone mostly slept in their underwear or shorts as we had limited clothes and no time to wash them. So I removed the blankets from both my friends slowly to check their bulge.

One friend was from Haryana ( named Vishal ) and was naturally muscular. He was also in his underwear and was mildly hairy over his chest. His bulge looked very big and his underwear was a but down from which u could see his jungle of hair.

Other friend (Naman) was from Himachal. Very fair, cute, tall and very skinny. I looked at his v shaped briefs and could barely see any bulge. But his face was very cute. His jaw and red lips made my dick leak a lot of pre cum.

I touched my dick inside my blanket and started stroking it up and down. One eye was on Naman, other was on Vishal. I knew that just by looking at their bodies and bulges I would cum hands free.

There was no place in that academy to jerk off except bathrooms. So I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I imagined myself there with Naman and Vishal and started jerking myself.

I increased my stroking speed and just when I was about to have the best orgasm, someone knocked on the door.

I was very scared and in shock. There were five more stalls completely vacant for that guy to use still he was knocking.

I asked- ” Kaun? ”
Guy said- ” Kaushik sir..Gate kholo abhi ”
I said- ” Sir aap? Iss Samay? Sir mein bathroom use kr rha hoon abhi ”

Sir said- ” I dont care. Jaldi se gate kholo ek second mein. Jis bhi condition mein ho waise hi kholo. Khol! ”

And he smacked the door very hard and shouted at me to open the door. I quickly pulled up my underwear and opened the door.

Sir- ” Kya kr rhe the andar ”
Me- ” Sir wo mootne aaya tha ”
Sir- ” Acha? Lagta to nhi hai ye dekhkr ”

And I realised that my dick was still semi hard.

It was an unsaid rule of the academy that you cannot do anything to please yourself while you are in the academy.

Me- ” Sir sorry wo bus ye khud hi aisa…”
Sir- ” Neeche karo underwear ”

And without waiting for my answer he pulled down my underwear. My dick starting moving like a spring and got hard again. I tried to hide it with my hands.

Sir- ” kya hai ye? Itni raat ko ye krne aaye the yahan? ”

I froze completely and could not do anything.

Sir- ” Abhi academy se nikal doon? ”

I started begging him not to do so. He then gave a wicked smile.

Sir- ” Fir lagja kaam pe ” And then he pulled down his pajama and underwear.

Me- ” Sir ye kya? ”
Sir- ” Ya to ye krna padega ya fir bahar nikal wa doonga ”

I pretended like I did not like it but deep down I got what I wanted. Kaushik sir was a young and excited staff in the academy and looked super hot.

He never spared the chance to show his muscles and chest and used to run with us shirtless daily. He gave me a boner everytime. I quickly grabbed his 5 inch soft dick and licked it like a dog.

I sniffed his balls and they smelled of his sweat and my dick released more precum. I sucked his dick like a lollipop. His chocolate like hard 6 inch cock filled my stomach with a lot of precum and he moaned as my lips kissed his dick everywhere.

After I swallowed his balls and sucked him for about 5 minutes, He asked me to get up. He made me sit on the toilet seat and got on his knees.

He gave me a handjob while his lips met with mine. He kissed me very passionately and even licked my chest. Then he asked me to stand up and turn around.

Soon after a lot of moaning, his dick was in me.

His 6 incher tore my asshole but with every thump, my dick shot pre cum while my body felt more horny and erotic. He fucked me in multiple positions.

After about half and hour of this brilliant fuck he was about to shoot his load and asked me where will I take his load-

Me- Sir not on me. Yahan nahane ka bhi sahi se mauka nhi milta roz.
Sir- Tere andar hi nikal doonga jaldi bata de

Me- Theeke sir mere muh mein hi jhaad do

And he smiled as he spanked my ass and gathered speed. Soon he released his hot kids in my mouth and I gulped it all down. He then grabbed my dick and sucked it until I came all over his chest.

Sir- ” Behenchod kab se nhi jhaada tha? Ab tak sabse zyaada tera hi nikla hai ”
Me- ” Ab tak sab se zyaada? ”

Teacher fucker story of a horny and wild gay twink boy

Sir- ” Haan Haan tu pehla nhi hai jo raat ko yahan hilane aaya ho. Roz koi na koi aata hai. Jab bhi mera mood hota hai to yahan bs 30 min rukta hoon utne mein koi to aa hi jaata hai. Benchod 150 bache hai roz pata nhi kitne roz yahan aate honge hilane ”

Me- ” To sir aapne kitno ke saath kia hai yahan? ”

Sir- ” Abe kaam se kaam rakh. Pr haan itna jaan le…tere saath ke dono ustad, Naman aur Vishal mere bacho ko apne andar le chuke hain ”

And then he grabbed my underwear, wiped his chest to clean my cum, wore his pajamas and left. I still could not process that he has fucked both my lovebirds.

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