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Teacher seduction story: In the previous chapters, I talked about the parting hug with my tuition teacher with whom I was infatuated. While the hug lasted for barely 30 seconds, the horses of my imagination went wild. In my mind, I had rather raucous sex with him, and as I was leaving, I realized that I had cum in my pants.

This happened in April 2007. If you haven’t read those stories, here are the links to them:






A month had passed since “the hug”. I had moved to the town of Kota in the North-Western part of India for my higher studies. In the last week of May, the results of my Board exams were out. My results were not as good as I had expected, so I was fairly down, depressed and moody.

My friends and relatives were calling me to congratulate me. In hindsight, my results were still quite good, even though I was not very happy with it.

Anyways, the day went by- I attended my classes and came back in the afternoon. I was still very broody when my phone rang again. It was an unknown number and even though I did not wish to take the call, I answered it very half-heartedly.

And guess what! It was him. My teacher. My lust. My infatuation. And also my embarrassment. This was the first time I was talking to him since “the hug”, and while I wasn’t sure, I had a feeling that he felt the physiological reactions I showed during and immediately after hugging him.

When I heard his voice, it brought back some of the memories- our playful conversations, how he had kissed my hand, my unquenched lust that erupted every time I saw the chest hairs peeking out of his unbuttoned shirt, his eyes lightening up on seeing me, his pride for his best student, his expectations.

This last thought was like a splash of cold water that extinguished the slowly erupting flame of desire. And I was back to the state of despondence that was plaguing me through the day.

Perhaps he sensed something in my voice because although I was talking to him as normally as I could, I wasn’t my usual cheery self. Perhaps he also understood what I was going through because he offered a lot of encouragement.

He told me that I still was the best student he ever taught, and even though my results were not as high as everyone was expecting, I still scored very good marks in the most important subjects.

I was still very nonchalant in my responses. However, towards the end of the conversation, he said something that truly uplifted my mood.

He- You know, we stress too much about these results, but in reality you only use them to get admission in the next school. Since you have already taken advance admission, you don’t need to feel bad about these results.

I- I know sir.

He- Anyways, how are your classes going now? Are you enjoying them?

I- Yes sir. They are nice and interesting. They take most of my time, so I won’t have a lot of free time to think about my results.

He- Yeah. Good. So what is your class schedule like?

I- I have 4 hours of classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 2 hours of classes on the other three days and there were no classes on Sundays. My classes take place during the day, at least until June after which they will happen in the evening.

He- Hmm. Okay. I am coming to Kota in the second week of June to inquire about the admission process in some of the institutes for my nephew. Let’s meet then. I would also like your views on the general hostel experience in the city and how to make the life here a bit easier.

I- Oh! That’s really nice. If you are here over a weekend, I will have more time.

He- Yeah, I will reach there in the evening around 19.30 of Friday, June 15th. Why don’t you meet me at my hotel and we can have dinner together? You can tell me all about your first two months in the city.

I couldn’t resist but smile as I heard this and I am sure it was audible in my voice. I agreed to his proposition and we ended the call. This truly changed my mood. It was still more than a fortnight before his arrival, but I found myself excited and fantasizing about our meet-up. At this point, I did not know what was going to happen between us.

I was looking forward to a good time, an escape from the monotony of classes and homework, and even though I didn’t expect them to materialize, a lot of fantasies erupted in my imagination. I was also a little worried that if I allow myself the flight of fancies, I may betray them through my gaze, behavior and body.

It was still 2007, homosexuality was a taboo and he was ten years older than me. A lot of things can go wrong if I give in to these unholy, lustful feelings.

However, these apprehensions did not mar the excitement of meeting him once again.

Time flew by. It was 14 June. I received a text from him saying that he is boarding the train. The journey from my hometown to Kota by train took about 26 hours with a five hour layover in New Delhi.

The next day around 19.00, he called me up. It struck me odd that he was calling me even before he had reached. I also sensed a fleeting excitement in his voice, but I didn’t want to place too much importance on this- what
if I was wrong?

He- Hey, I am crossing Sri Gangapur City and will reach Kota in about 30

I- Nice. How was your journey?

He- Yeah, it is sweltering hot but otherwise it was uneventful. So, what are your plans for the evening? You wanna meet for dinner?

I- Yeah sure. I have completed my homework. Which hotel are you staying at? I can meet you there.

He- Yeah. I am staying near the Aerodrome circle. Do you know any good place for dinner there?

I- Yeah, there is Royal Firdaus near the circle. We can have dinner there.

He- Okay. So, why don’t you meet me there at 20.15? I will go to my room, take a shower and then meet you there.

I- Okay.

He- Uhm… Listen. It will be quite late by the time we finish dinner. So, why don’t you bring an extra pair of clothes and your books for tomorrow, so you can go for your classes directly from here? I don’t want you to travel across the city this late in the night.

I- Eh? Yeah I guess I can do that. See you in a bit then.

And we hung up. I was surprised at this. When he asked me to meet at the restaurant I thought he just wanted to have dinner with me. But this certainly meant that he had some other plans. Or did it?

Was he just being a considerate adult by asking me to stay with him? I didn’t know what to think and it was quite disconcerting.

Anyways, I packed my bag, took an autorickshaw (colloquially known as auto in India) and went to meet him. He was waiting for me at the entrance of the restaurant when I arrived.

He looked dashing as ever- in a pale brown t-shirt and dirty-blue jeans, light stubble on his face, his hair slightly disheveled, and as he saw me, his face broke into a radiant (and sensuous?) smile.

He did look a little tired though which was expected after having travelled for more than a day.

As I got down from the auto, he walked towards me and extended a hand to greet me. I inwardly noted that he did not hug me. I wondered if I should be thankful about it or sad about it.

He was my teacher after all, no matter how much I wanted him to be my paramour. Anyways, I shook his hand and we went into the restaurant. Being a Friday night, it was relatively crowded and while we did talk a little, it was mostly about my studies.

He also told me about his new ventures- he had decided to let go of the idea of running a tuition center and had moved into a business instead. By the time we finished the dinner, it was around 21.30.

The weather had cooled by then and we stepped out of the restaurant into a cool and gentle summer breeze.

He- What do you want to do next?

I- I don’t think there is much to do here in the city this late in the night. We will have to head to your room.

He- Yeah. But the weather is so nice. Is there any place where we can go for a walk?

I- Ummm. I don’t know. I only know about Chambal Garden on the bank of River Chambal, but it is around 5km from here.

He- Are you in a hurry to sleep? When is your class tomorrow?

I- It’s still 21.30 and I don’t sleep before 23.30. And my class tomorrow is from 10.30. So, it shouldn’t be a problem.

He- Okay, let’s go to this Garden then. We will walk there for some time. It should be pleasant there. And we will be back by 23.00. Okay?

I happily agreed to it. We hired another auto and headed to the Chambal Garden. As you can imagine, this place was more of a lovers hangout than anything else.

Especially this late at night, who knows what we may stumble upon. Alone, I never would have dared venture into the park this late in the night. But with him, I was relaxed. I was excited as well.

What better way to spend the evening with your secret crush than in a garden? I realized later that he was toying with me and I have to say, he knew exactly how to bring me to the edge and then drag me back- leaving me burning in desire, anticipation and lust.

To be continued!

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