Virginity losing story of a horny gay boy

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Virginity losing story: I am a 20 year old bottom guy from Kerala who lives in New Delhi and this is the story of my first experience where I lost my virginity to a man.

To begin with, I am 20, manly with a beard, but look old because I am chubby and also because of my dusky skin tone.

I have moobs and to add to it, I am bottom guy, hence I have always fantacised manly guys playing with my mboobs, fucking me hard and all sought of adventures. This story happened last year when I went back to Kerala during my winter break.

I was horny af and was determined to lose my virginity to a dusky and rustic man. That’s when a big festival happened in my native and to see it, a lot of people came from outside.

Coincidentally that’s when I installed grindr and I was able to find a quick match just 800 mtrs away and I got excited. My feeling arouse and seeing his photo made me say yes in one go.

He was not very handsome, but was manly, had decent figure and had a captivating smile. He was the mand of my dreams. We texted and he asked me to come to the main road. I left my home, reached the main road and there he was.

I just sat on the backseat, and I was sure I needed this. He asked me if I knew any places around to which I said, let’s take a round, we might bump into something.

Strolling through the roads, we found a place and he parked the scooty nearby and we walked towards the building which was the outhouse of a farm. And since the festival was going on, we figured there won’t be anyone around and we were right.

We just found the place and this guy pushed me towards the wall and we started kissing passionately. I being a virgin couldn’t match his pace but he was unstoppable. We kissed like anything.

Meanwhile we had started rubbing each others pants and we could feel the arousal.

After a passionate round of kissing he started sucking my mboobs and he did this by pushing my tshirt down. I still had my tshirt, but he had extended it like an elastic and he was sucking it.

I was in cloud nine and he was in no mood to stop. Then i felt he will tear my tshirt and that’s when I proposed to remove the tshirt and he removed mine. For convenience I had not worn my underwear and I was in my pants only.

He continued kissing and sucking and slowly moved his hands throughout my body. Soon his hands reached my ass and his hands were passionately reaching towards my ass and he also strated my inserting his fingure.

In the next moment, even before I could say anything, he flipped me, pushed my pants down and there I was lying bareback and naked infront of a man.

He started inserting his one fingure in my ass and it was a heavenly feel. Then he asked if I was ready to suck and I said yes.

I sat down on my knees slowly removed his pants and started sucking and licking his cock with his underwear intact. I licked him passionately and he started moaning.

Then I removed his underwear, I was sucking his cock and playing with his balls at the same time. He liked it and asked me to go faster. He had a huge monster dick of 8+ inches and it was way too thick.

It was very difficult to suck it completely and till that point I had sucked only half and the next moment he inserted his thick cock to my mouth and started deepthroating me.

He continued this for sometime and I was enjoying in pain. He told me that he wouldn’t want to cum inside my mouth and rather want it inside my ass to which I agreed.

Then he asked me if i was ready for the anal part and I said yes without hesitation. Next moment he flipped me like a toy and even before I knew his thick cock was inside my ass, bareback without even lubes.

Virginity losing story of a slutty young gay boy

I was crying and enjoying at the same pain. He was fucking me hard and I was screaming in pain. I wanted him, wanted to play with him, be with him, but at that moment I had to ask him to stop.

He was visibly pissed and also heard some vehicles sounds. He was scared and hence wanted to finish it off. Hence, he did stop and then made me give him a handjob and that’s how our meeting ended.

He told me that he enjoyed being with me, but said next time he would want me to meet in a more spacious and conspicuous place and that’s how we parted.

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