Fun fuck story of horny gay college boys: 1

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Fun fuck story: Hello people… About me: I am almost close to 6ft tall, lean to average body, wheatish complexion and versatile bottom staying in Bangalore. I am into IT and I am 27 years old.

The story is quite big, as I did not proofread it, there might be some mistakes, sorry for it. Hope you will enjoy it.

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I always have my picture on display over Grinder. When I was in my native place I got a text from a blank profile. The conversation started and later this person introduced himself as Bhargav and shared his pictures.

One of the pictures was taken in the college I studied at. So the conversation went deep and then I got to know that he is my super senior and he has seen me in college.

So we exchanged digits. And planned to meet. But the plan didn’t work out. I just marked the profile to favs and forgot.

About Bhargav: He is 29 years, a bit shorter than me, dark complexioned with a well gym built body. And a top

Last week I just opened grindr to see the crowd and if there were any one nearby. I found Bhargav’s profile nearby and texted him. Then we came to know our offices are nearby in Whitefield.

So we planned to meet-up.

After work we planned to meet at his place for a drink. He told me he was leaving early as he wanted to clean the house. And he asked me to reach by 9PM.

He is staying in BSK which is quite far. So I booked a cab at 7.30 and started. While going I got some booze and smokes.

By the time I reached it was 9.30. I called him to tell that I have reached. He told the floor and the door number and guided me to come.

I was surprised to see the arrangements, clean and well maintained house, candle lights, and lemongrass fragrance.

I was sweating because of the travel and so was he because of the cleaning and all. Yet we hugged and were talking about something. Then we thought of taking a shower together and to start with the drink.

But he had ordered something so he asked me to take a shower. I agreed and went to take a shower, then I asked him for a towel, he handed me one and asked me to wear anything from his clothes.

I wore a tee shirt and shorts. Finally his order came and he was about to go to shower.

Crazy me, I told him – “I have not done group anytime, I wonder how does it even work”
Bhargav: with a naughty wink “lets do now”

Me: “I am not sure if i am comfortable”
Bharghav: “My favourite junior wishes and do you think i can’t fulfil them?”, “I have a friend, he is with his partner and you will love them”

He called his friend over for a drink. And he went to take a bath.

By 10.30 they both came, one was Vikky and the other was Gaurav.

When I saw them my jaws dropped and I was drooling. Both were top and fucking hot.
We all started drinking, and we were talking about the office and the men around nearby.

Gaurav was drinking fast and he told he is high and we will sleep. And kissed Vikky and went to sleep.

Again our discussion was going on finally we started dirty talks which made all of us horny.

I told Bharghav: “yaar kya mast h dono, lagta h muje aksar aana padega with lots of wishes like this”

Bhargav: “haana tuje chudwaneka shauk h and hame chodneka, saale tu bhi kuck kam hot nahi h”

Vikky: “mein aur gaurav kisi ko meet nahi karte h Bharagav ke alawa. Isne jab bola ki aaj ye iske koi junior ko chod raha he aur tera pic beja. Meine puch isse chal group sex karte h, lekin isne to saaf mana kiya”

Bharghav: “vikky bola tha tuje isse pehli baar mil raha hu agar ye sab puchunga to bura manega, lekin ye to aate chalu kiya maine group nahi kia. Isse acha mauka kaise milta to call kar diyye tuje”

Me: “koi na aaj to sahi se maze karenge, gaurav bhi aajaye to maza hi aajata”
Bhargav: “Chal koi na.. Hum dono tuje bharbhar kar maze denge”
Vikky: “ chalo shuru karte h”

Vikky me and bharghav all three started kissing and all of us were high and the smell of the alcohol was also adding to the vibe and we undressed each others. All three of us were naked and I started kissing Bharghav.

Vikky was staring at us from the couch. Bharghav went and sat next to vikky and they started kissing each other.

I started to take close at the monster cocks in front of me. Bharghav was 5.5” and thick. But Vikky’s was 7” and thicker than bharghav. And mine is 6” and as thick as them.

I started sucking bhargav for sometime. And they both were kissing. Then I moved to vikky to suck. (oh lord… it was juicy oozing with a precum white and pink forehead.. A prefect monster) it was so tasty.

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Vikkky: “chirag bura mat manna, tu itna mast choos raha h.. I will cum in your mouth honey”
Me: “itna jaldi?(I was disappointed)”
Bharghav: “kya yaar vikky abhi toh humne shuru kiya h”

Vikky: “pata nahi yar, tuje to pata hi h main itna jaldi jhad tha nhi, lekin yeh randi aisa choos rahi h she is using all mouth and tongue and all the right areas”

While telling he was moaning and shot a huge load in my mouth…

To be continued…