Buddies gay story of horny and wild young guys: 3

Straight horny buddies having some gay oral fun

Slutty friends story: After sometime I guess he wanted more, so he started to improvise and he started reaching out to my ass and started spanking and squeezing it.

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I thought he liked, so I moved my ass to his reach and he started to spank and squeeze my cheeks so hard, it turned red. This was going on after sometime he put his figure inside my hole and I could feel the nails in his finger scratching the sides of my ass hole.

I jerked, but did not say anything or move. He started fucking my hole with his finger after sometime he was rigorous, I barely could figure how many fingers are there in my hole. But all I know is that he wants to fuck me.

So I went to get the oil from the table and started to apply it on his dick and my ass. I lied on my side next to him and turned him also the side and held his cock and positioned it in the entrance of my hole.

My one leg in bed and other in air and his dick in between, he started to move to and fro and his hips started to make the fucking motion. On the contrary to all the stories and videos, it was not painful.

Till date I don’t know how or why. Maybe my love for him took over the pain, we never know. Ok getting back, after a few mins, he turned me on my stomach and sat near my ass and started inserting his dick and after few mins of fucking, I felt the hot cum spurting inside my ass.

He then went back to bed lying tired, I dressed him up(remember he is still asleep 😜)and went back to my bed. Then we started fucking regularly, in different position, once we were trying missionary, I was lying on my back and legs over his sholder and he fucking me.

At that time his tshirt was disturbing and hence he moved up held it under his neck but couldn’t hold it and hence I pulled it out. This was the first time I saw him completely nude and we both are nude now.

While he was fucking I got up and put my hands on the window rails bent down and was standing, he got the clue, came behind and started fucking me in that position and after that I went back and lied on my stomach and he started to fuck me, I slightly arched up and took his hand and placed it on my boobs, he started to squeeze my boobs while fucking my ass.

He leaned on me and his body was touching mine and his fucking actions were creating frictions between our body which was making currents passing through my body.

His face was near my neck and I could feel his breath on my neck and I would get an orgasm without touching my dick if he continued this way. I slightly turned my face to reach his lip, but he moved back, I was disappointed, but he continued to pound my ass till he cums.

Then we continued our fucking till he left India on an office trip. We never spoke about it during or after. After sex I will dress him up go back to my bed and we will behave normally as if nothing happened.

Slutty friends story of two horny and wild roommates

I never acted on him when he was awake. He was so normal in his behaviour that I was scared about how he would react to me if I ever tried. So we were fuck buddies only in the bed and just buddies outside of it.

We are still friends in touch over the phone and hang out. But never discussed this chapter of our lives.

Sometimes I thought I would discuss with him, but was scared. What if he stopped talking to me I even tried to reach him as third person with the fake id of mine, but he blocked the fake id.

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