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Neighbours gay story: This is Jahan, fit guy with model looks and good size of around 8’ dick. Any girl might fall for such looks. But I was always into guys. In college time had fucked many dudes but no one knew in my circle.

Starting a story, in my society, there are only two flats on each floor, other flat on my floor was empty after last tenants left.

I was returning from office and a hot twink was in lift with me and I observed from a corner of my eye that he was ogling my crotch area and my fit body. I was surprised we were going on the same floor.

After lift opened I stepped out and he went for the other flat and was trying to open that flat with keys. I asked him and he said he is Samar around 23 year guy shifted this morning and his parents are going to come after 2 – 3 months as they are in USA.

We greeted each other and my mother asked to take dinner for him in evening. I rang bell and he took long to open. He was only in towel. I was awestruck seeing his hairless smooth shinny body.

I took me 2 seconds to realise I was staring at his nipples. He noticed and invited me inside. I told him that I have brought dinner for him. He hurriedly tried to rush to his bedroom and in that rush his towel fell on floor and I saw his smooth round bubbly ass and our eyes met.

He shyed took his towel and went in his room. I had become damn horny now and was hard in my night track pant which was visible as I was not wearing any undi.

He came wearing his night suit and so bulge in my pants. I consoled him saying chill bro we are boys and both have got dicks. He was little relaxed. I fed him and he asked me to do Netflix night with him as he was alone in city and getting bored.

I informed my mom that I m going to stay at his place that night. I knew what was coming. May be even he knew it. We started some movie which I did not know it was gay movie and soon I realised it.

After hot scene on the movie I felt his leg touching mine and I did not stop it which made him progress more. I looked at him and our eyes met. We came closer and started kissing extensively.

We started removing our clothes and in no time we were naked on his couch. He was an amazing twink with smooth round ass and tight anus. He was scared looking at my dick and said he cant take my dick.

We turned to 69 and started sucking each other. His dick was around 6 but not thick. He said he might cum and I stopped sucking. I was no where close to cumming. I started rimming his asshole. He started moaning.

He was not able to suck my dick. I stood and started mouth fucking. After few fucks he started taking whole dick in his mouth. I was super horny now and turned him to fuck.

He asked me to go slow as he has never taken such big thick dick. I asked him to bring oil. I poured lot of oil in his asshole and applied oil on my dick. I started fingering him with one finger and increased it to two and three fingers. His asshole adjusted.

I kept my dickhead on his asshole and pressed it. It hardly went inside and he was begging to stop. I stopped for while and again gave small push. Dick went inside tearing his ass walls. He had put his mouth inside a pillow.

Now I covered his mouth and gave a hard push and whole dick went inside. He started crying and tears were falling from eyes. I waited for sometime for him to settle. I was damn horny was not going to listen to him to stop.

After 5 minutes he got relaxed and started with slow fucks. In no time he started moaning and I started fucking him very hard. I was pinching and biting his nipples one by one and giving hard thrust in his ass.

Neighbours gay story of hot and horny men

He was enjoying very hard and was asking to more harder. After fucking for around 15 minutes, I was going to cum. He said he wants to tasted my first cum with him.

He sat on floor and took dick in his mouth and I came in side his mouth in loads. He drank all of it. We were damn tired and hungry.

We went to washroom and he sucked again under shower. We cleaned each other. His chest and ass was red with fuck and bite marks.

We were happy to get some one so close to be fuck buddies. We had many sessions after that but that is for some other time.

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