Daddy boy story of horny fun with neighbour uncle: 3

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Virgin gay boy story: Hi guys I’m Abeer and this is the continuation of my 4th story for igs. Give me your feedback on [email protected]

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As a reward, he spat inside my mouth and I drank all the saliva.

Unable to resist myself, I kissed uncle on his lips and pulled back instantly. Uncle’s face turned very angry and I was terrified. To my surprise, he grabbed my neck from the back and shoved it into his face.

Our lips met and we were kissing each other vigorously. He couldn’t resist me either. Eventually our tongues were touching each other, and uncle got so passionate that his tongue was fully out, exploring my mouth.

I’ve never liked kissing that way, but he was driving me crazy, pulling my neck harder and harder, trying to put my mouth inside of him. Both of us were having intense tongue action.

The kiss was wet, sloppy and aggressive and I was enjoying it for the first time. Saliva was dripping all over my body and Qasim uncle’s grip was tightening on me.

After those kisses, Qasim uncle was so turned on that he ripped his thin t-shirt apart to reveal his magnanimous body. He flexed his arms and chest for me, like an alpha attracting his bitches.

He had huge pecs, the biggest and firmest ones I’ve seen till date, and his nipples were big and brown. His arms were roughly the size of my head when he flexed them.

His chest was covered with tiny grey hairs that made him feel like a giant. He looked like a really well built pehelwan. My tiny size made him feel so much superior, and the t-shirt rip drove me wild with lust.

He said “Abeer you sexy cunt, I’m going to fuck your ass. You were flexing your tiny waist and your tender ass when you came to lick my face right? You signed yourself up for submission. Get ready to face the effects of your lust, you pussy.”

Uncle put me aside now, got up from the chair and opened all the curtains in the hall. His windows were very big and you could see into them at night, if the lights were on in the house.

The buildings around us were quite short, but 1-2 buildings had a view into this house which was on the 9th floor. Uncle still had his shorts on, but I was fully naked, so I instantly covered my crotch.

He switched on the lights in the room since it was getting dark. I said “Uncle I don’t think I’m very comfortable with that. I… don’t have any clothes on right now.”

He said “Did I bother to ask you what you liked until now? I’ll tell you. I really don’t care about your opinion. What I only care about is your body and your hole.” Oddly enough, the submissive twink in me was very turned on and I could see that he was too.

I asked “What if somebody sees us, together, naked like this?” He liked the word ‘together’. He said “then let them enjoy seeing you as much as I do,” and while saying that he faced me and took his shorts off.

He hadn’t worn any underwear, so his 8 and a half inch cock sprang out and gave me a full view of him.

Qasim uncle’s dick was HUGE. It was like he worked out his penis muscles as much as his biceps. There were veins on the cock and it was so so thick that I shuddered at the thought of that in my ass.

It was brown and circumcised with a light pink tip and a thick line of precum was leaking from the tip to the base. On top of all of that, his thighs were so big that they could crush my skull between them.

Uncle moved towards me and I moved back, away from him in fear. He walked towards me calmly, till I was in a corner and he stood there so I couldn’t escape. He opened the drawer next to him, pulled out a tube of some lube and put it on his dick, while I was stuck in the corner.

It was like he knew that I would be in the corner and so he planned to keep the lube in that specific chest of drawers.

He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Our heads were facing each other and we were in the suspended congress position. He shoved me against a wall and slowly and steadily inserted his dick inside me.

I moaned so loudly because that hurt like a bitch. Qasim uncle wanted to take the full joy of penetrating me. He didn’t know when he would get the next chance to do this.

I tried looking away from him but he instantly turned my head towards him because he wanted to see me moan while looking at him. And I must admit that I look incredibly hot when I moan. As half his cock went in it began hurting even more.

Virgin gay boy story of a slutty and wild fuck with daddy

I came closer to him and our foreheads were touching. My eyes looked straight into his eyes and saw his pervy, horny expression. As I moaned louder and louder, he could feel my deep breaths on his lips.

And as soon as every millimetre of his manhood was inside me he grunted loudly, with his eyes closed for the first time. It actually felt like a real Bull’s penis was inside my ass and tears were in my eyes because of the pain.

Now the real fucking began. Uncle relentlessly RAMMED his dick in and out of my ass. I was sobbing and moaning at this point because it was hurting but I was feeling the pleasure too…

To be continued…