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Gay daddy son story: Hello everyone, it’s Shankey Jaiswal. Thank you, everyone for your love that you bestowed on me. Let’s begin with the story in series “gay incest story of dad’s slutty boy“.

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Let’s begin with the story now.

Next day when I wake up I was in the bed alone. My father was not in the room. So I started looking for him. I got up from bed. We slept naked last night. I walked out of the room naked towards the kitchen.

I knew that my dad would be cooking thé breakfast and when I entered the kitchen I saw that he was in his underwear and making pancakes he was facing the gas and his back was towards the door so he didn’t saw me coming.

I hugged him tightly from behind and placed my head on his shoulder and wished him good morning. He tilted his head back and kissed me on my cheeks.

Without wasting any time I shifted towards his lips and started smooching him. He kissed me back. And when we parted he said get back on dining table I am almost finished with breakfast.

Me: I don’t want to eat pancakes for breakfast.
Dad: don’t do your tantrums now I don’t want to cook anything else. And these are your favorite pancakes. Why you don’t want to eat these?

I was still hugging him from the back.

Me: But I want to eat something else.
Dad: son, don’t do this you know I have to leave for my job at 10.

I moved my hand from his chest towards his dick and put my hand in his underwear and grabbed his 6 inches soft dick in my hand and said I want this for breakfast.

He started laughing and turned around only to see that I am completely naked. He grabbed me from my waist and pulled me close to him.

Took his mouth near my ear and whispered “you know right now I am all your and you can have me any time but now I have to finish breakfast and get ready for job. So finish your breakfast.

Me: So let me because I am starving!

His dick which was still in my hand in started to grow. He said no chance, but you can have it when I get back home from my job.

Me: Dad, see your dick is completely hard and saying something else. So let me take care of it so you won’t have to worry about it when you will be doing your work.

I got on my knees and took off his underwear and quickly put his dick in my mouth. As soon as I put it in my mouth my father released a moan. I started sucking it. Soon his hands were holding my head and he started pounding my mouth.

I took his dick out and said “see you clearly want it”. He said, “stop talking and get back to it.” And pushed my head towards his dick. The pancakes which was in the pan got burnt and start smelling.

He stopped me put the pan under water in sink. Then he grabbed me by hand and rushed towards the living room. He got out of his underwear and sit on the sofa.

I knelt down on the floor in-between his legs he guided my head towards his dick and I started sucking it. After 20 mins he came in my mouth. I eat every single drop and licked his dick clean.
Me: my breakfast was delicious 🤤.

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Dad: go pack my breakfast in the box because if I eat here I will be late for my work.

He went to bedroom to get ready while I packed his food. Before leaving he give me a lip kiss and said I love you.

He grabbed my butts and said I will have these when I get back. I said, I will be waiting for you. Then he left for his job.

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