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Gay student sex story: In the previous part, I told you about meeting my tuition teacher. We were meeting after about two months. We had our dinner together at a restaurant in Kota and talked about various things, mainly my studies and his next career move.


The results of my board exams had just come out and I was upset about it because I hadn’t scored as high as I was hoping.

While I was hoping that something sexual happens between us, he was still my teacher and I was trying my best to focus on our conversation and not on the naughty feelings going on inside me.

Thirty minutes later, we were walking along the semi-dark paths of Chambal Garden. Throughout the auto ride, I was wondering why we were going to a place known to be haunted by love-birds, so late in the night.

Did he just want to take a walk or was there something else going on? I mean, he had just undertaken a long ride and he did look tired. Yet, I couldn’t help but hope that something romantic would happen between us in those secluded sections of the garden.

I was too preoccupied to notice the cool “Chambal breeze” tingling the pores of my body. We walked around the garden in silence for about forty five minutes when he suggested to sit on one of the benches by the river bank.

It was really pleasant here. The scorching heat of the day had somehow given way to a clement night.

The silence between us continued to throb as we sat on the bench for another five minutes or so. I was looking at the river meandering lazily in front of us when he turned towards me and asked if I was okay.

I gave a non-committal “hmmm” and did not elaborate. If truth be told, I was a tad uncomfortable. My not-so-good performance in my Board exams was weighing on me- I felt that I had let him down.

While our conversation over the dinner was as normal as it could have been, we had primarily talked about studies and career. And while the topic of my Boards never came up, I always felt it hanging somewhere in the offing.

But that wasn’t all. I couldn’t help but remember the last time I had met him when he had hugged me. I was expecting (or hoping) that he would hug me again when we met today. But when he did not, I started wondering if he thought less of me because he somehow knew about my feelings for him.

Today, it seems such a non-issue, but for an eighteen year old, this was huge. All in all, the air though breezy was ripe with sexual tension. I wanted to touch him, hug him, kiss him- but couldn’t.

The worry of the world deterred me from taking that step. And I couldn’t help but wonder if he wanted me to take that first step. Of course I wasn’t going to do it.

I shall live in regret for the rest of my life, but will not let out the feelings threatening to burst out of my chest.

A few more minutes passed when he spoke again.

He- Are you still thinking about your results?

I turned towards him and said- Yeah, sometimes. It is not easy to let go of this. It was a spectacular failure on my part.

He started laughing at this and said- Spectacular? Really?

I too smiled at his exclamation. But when he continued, it was with a somber expression.

He- You know, you performed well. It was not as good as you may have wanted it to be, but it is still quite good. And why do you keep worrying about it?

You are studying in a good place, and the career path that you have chosen does not put much stress on this particular result. There is no point worrying about it.

As he said this, he lifted his left hand and brought it around my head to rest it on my left shoulder. He caressed my left cheek with his left thumb and pulled me into a one-armed side hug, my head now on his left shoulder.

It was as if an explosion occurred inside me and my mind threatened to leave this conversation to pursue its own ideas and fantasies. He was now softly caressing my left bicep in a very comforting way.

Even though my heart was racing miles an hour, I felt very relaxed and composed.

He- Do you remember the time we met in April, shortly before you were leaving?

I responded in a very guarded tone- Yes.

He- Did I make you uncomfortable that day, by hugging you?

I responded in a barely audible whisper- No.

As I said this, I looked up at him and found him looking down at me. Our eyes met; his face was barely an inch away from mine. As if it was unexpected, we both froze.

We continued looking into each other’s eyes, but neither of us moved. I could feel his minty breath on my face, and I am sure he too could feel mine.

I could feel his face drawing closer to me and I closed my eyes, afraid that I might just be dreaming. Suddenly, there was the noise of a snapping twig and we heard someone coming.

Hastily, we moved apart and he checked his watch. It was already 23.30 and we decided to go back to his hotel room.

Inwardly, I was cursing the man who had decided to walk through the garden this late at night. But as we walked out of the garden, my teacher pulled me closer to him and kept his hand on my shoulder.

As much as I wanted to keep my hand on his waist, I resisted the urge until we found an auto that would bring us back to the hotel by midnight.

Back in the room, we changed into a vest and a pair of boxer shorts. It was a small room with a double bed and an attached washroom. There was only one window in the room but due to the summer, it was fitted with a large and rather noisy desert cooler.

It soon became quite comfortably cold in the room- to the extent that we needed a duvet to sleep. The room however, had only one duvet. Naturally, we had to share it.

Being the decent guy that I was, I went into the bed as far away from him as possible without letting go of the duvet. Even though I was now sure that he was interested in me, I did know if I should pursue it.

Or maybe, I was just too shy to do anything. He was already in bed when I got in and was saying that he did not realize how tired he was. I switched the lights off and got into the bed and tried to sleep even though both my mind and my heart were racing.

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I had my back to him but could soon hear his slow, deep breathing which could only mean that he had fallen asleep.

Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed and was chastising myself for thinking that he was ever interested in me. I knew that he had several girlfriends in the past, and I was forced to conclude that even though we shared a flirtatious relationship, it was nothing more than an innocent flirtation.

I continued chastising myself for harboring such dirty thoughts about my teacher and eventually fell into an uncomfortable sleep with a heavy heart.

To be continued!

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