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Student teacher sex story: In the previous parts, you read that I met my teacher who was in Kota for some work. We had dinner, then went for a walk in the Chambal Garden and finally came back to the hotel room by midnight. Throughout the time, the air between us was full of sexual tension.


However, when we came back, he decided to sleep. In the morning though, he decided to act on his carnal desires and started making out with me and eventually started playing with my dick.

He was now at my dickhead, the foreskin pulled as down as it would go. He was licking and softly biting the thin skin that connected the foreskin to the penis. He also had to hold my hands tightly to prevent me from thrashing and turning.

All this was too much for me and I felt I was about to come. He felt me tightening and shivering and moaning and stopped playing with my dick immediately, came up and began kissing me. I was panting heavily but he made sure that I wouldn’t cum.

Once I had relaxed, He started moving down again all the while kissing, biting and licking me everywhere but this time he swallowed the head of my dick. I let out a huge groan of pleasure and grabbed his head.

But he was holding my pelvis and prevented me from pushing my dick inside his mouth all at once. We remained in that position, me grabbing him by his hair and my dickhead in his mouth but he started wiggling and turning his tongue around it.

My dickhead is very sensitive and I was trying very hard to free myself from his grip- I wanted it to last forever, but couldn’t not do anything.

Eventually he slackened his grip and in the desperation of an hitherto unknown pleasure I pulled my cock out of his mouth, panting once again as if I had just completed a very long sprint.

Thankfully, it didn’t dissuade him. While I caught my breath he was kissing and very often biting my thighs which kept me on the edge but prevented me from falling over.

As I calmed down, he came back to my dick and started licking it all around from the base to the tip, from the side to the side. I kept on teasing me for a while and suddenly without any warning swallowed the whole dick in his mouth and stayed there.

The wetness and the warmth of his mouth gave a very strange feeling- one that I had never known before. Of course, I was moaning and grabbed his head again but he too had my pelvis in his grip which prevented me from moving my dick much.

After sometime he relaxed his grip on my hips again and began sucking my dick in a rather slow motion. At the same time, he started moving his hand all over my torso and my hands, sometimes grabbing here, other times pinching there, or simply touching me very slowly with just the tips of his fingers.

All the while, my hands were grabbing him by his hair, trying to push him towards my dick as much as possible. Every time he felt me going rigid in anticipation of an orgasm, he would just stop and rub his stubbly cheek on my things or lick the thigh joints or find something else to make me moan and groan.

He was once again at it- but this time, he was sucking me quite vigorously. He would go all the way down, and as he pulled up, he would use his tongue to wrap my dick paying special attention to my already sensitive head.

This coupled with his continuous hand movements across my body made me shiver and gave me goosebumps all over. I was on the verge of cumming but it never occurred to me to warn him.

He continued sucking at a fast pace and I held his head steady, pushed my dick as far as it would go and erupted with a loud groan inside his mouth. Such ecstasy! My eyes were closed, my mouth was open and I wanted this moment to never pass.

I held his head tighter and kept cumming. He obliged and didn’t move. As I regained my breath, I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me, a smile lingering around his eyes.

I couldn’t help but smile in return as I loosed my grip around his head. He let go of my dick but his mouth seemed to be full (of my cum).

He came up and began kissing me. I tasted myself, my dick and my cum in the kiss which was in a way very weird and enticing at the same time.

As we continued kissing, I realized that he hadn’t cum yet. I was too tired to blow him so I pushed my hand inside his shorts and he lifted his hips to give me access to his throbbing dick.

I started shagging it and I felt his kiss intensify. He pulled his pants off and allowed me to play with his member while he continued kissing me.

I was shaking it quite rapidly and I guess he too was hovering along the edge for he came all over my belly and chest in no time. We were still kissing when he came and he clamped his mouth around mine and pushed his tongue inside which forced me to swallow the mixture of our saliva and my cum.

With the final gushes of his cum out, he fell on me, his arms on my side while I hugged him. One of my hands was on his back and other in his hair, both caressing him gently as he lay panting on me.

I think we fell asleep for a while because in no time, he was shaking me up saying it is already 09.30 and if I don’t hurry now I would be late for my class. For a moment, I pondered over skipping the class today, but then got up anyway and went into the shower.

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As I was getting ready, he told me that he had some work to do and would be free around 14.00 and he would call me once he was done. I nodded- I was trying not to look into his eyes.

After the much anticipated but totally unexpected toe-curling orgasm I had just received, I did not know how to react or behave around him. I just got dressed, bade him goodbye and left.

As I was leaving, I turned around to find him looking at me in mild concern. I am sure he sensed my awkwardness. Well, I smiled at him slightly and left. As I was leaving, I realized that I had just received the first blowjob of my life.

To be continued!

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