Erotic gay story of gay man seeking revenge: 7

Straight horny man seduced with blowjob and rimjob

Seducing homo story: So far, you have read that I met my tuition teacher in Kota, shared a dinner and went for a walk in the night to the Chambal Gardens.


Though desirous of a sexual encounter, I was still very awkward around him due to my previous encounter with him as well as my not so good Board results.

We walked quietly in the garden for sometime and eventually decided to sit by the river where he tried to elevate my mood. We shared a small moment of sexual chemistry, but were interrupted and came back to the hotel room where he went to sleep because he was too tired.

I was terribly disappointed, but didn’t do anything and fell asleep.

I woke up rather suddenly from the sound of the toilet flushing. I checked the time and it was 7.30 in the morning. I was about to go back to sleep when he returned back to the bed and apologized for waking me up.

I mumbled “it’s okay” and tried to go back to sleep when surprisingly, he drew closer to me and hugged me from behind. He whispered “go back to sleep” but continued hugging me.

He drew closer to me, one of his hands was inside my vest and he was caressing his nose along my neck. He pulled me towards him and I could feel something hard poking my buttocks. I let out a pleasurable sigh and he, a soft moan near my ear.

I sort of curled up a little, my knees closer to my chest and my ass rubbing against his crotch. He gripped me tighter and pushed his other hand below me. He was gripping me very tightly now, his hands caressing my stomach and his legs rubbing against mine.

He began kissing my neck again and gradually moved towards my cheek and as close to my lips as possible- complicated by the fact that we were spooning.

My heart was racing once again. I started rubbing his hairy hands but soon that wasn’t enough. I wanted him. Everything that I had dreamed of in the past fortnight was materializing in front of me and I wanted to leave no stone unturned.

I turned around while still in his embrace and faced him. He continued kissing me- starting from my neck and inching very slowly towards my cheeks and eventually our lips met.

An explosion occurred and everything went dark. For anyone but me, this was a nonevent because the explosion had really occurred inside my chest and the darkness spread because I had closed my eyes shut.

Even as my heart raced faster, even as my arms gripped him tighter, even as my legs curled rigidly around his, I was too afraid to open my eyes fearing that all this might just be another one of my dreams.

The grip of his lips around mine, the prickle of his stubble on my face, and the brush of his tongue inside my mouth continued and soon I transitioned from the state of worry to the state of passionate arousal.

Just when I had started enjoying the kiss, he broke it off. I opened my eyes to find him looking at me with a very affectionate expression.

He extricated his left hand from my body and started playing with my hair just as he broke into his radiant, sensuous and dimpled smile. I opened my mouth to say something (I can’t remember what)but he shushed me and whispered-

Don’t say anything, just enjoy the moment.

And he began snogging me again- much more passionately. There was a certain urgency in this move, as if we may not have enough time. His hand which was earlier caressing my hair playfully now grabbed it and pushed it closer to his face- to allow unfettered access perhaps.

Now sure that this wasn’t a dream, I began reciprocating.

He was on top of me now, ravenously enjoying my lips, hungrily pushing his tongue into my mouth and sometimes sucking in my tongue into his mouth. He held both my hands above my head and his body was pinning me down and gently rubbing against my body in small rhythmic motions.

I felt as though I was on fire. He would chew my lower lip sometime or would shift himself to engulf my upper lip and flick a gentle tongue across it.

As he continued kissing me, he brought his hands down, pushed my vest right up to my shoulders and began playing with my nipples. All the while, our boners were rubbing against each other, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.

I could feel the wetness in our shorts but really, who cared about wet shorts when I was with this hot specimen of a man on me.

I brought my hands inside his vest and began caressing his back lightly. He now stopped kissing me and positioned his head on mine, his nose on top of mine all the while pushing his pelvis gently into mine.

We were both panting now and his warm breath mingled with mine creating a hot cocoon around our faces.

He planted a gentle kiss on my lips and continued down. He kissed my neck, my shoulder and gently moved down towards my nipples. He started kissing the left one while he used his left hand to softly fondle the right one.

He continued moving downwards kissing me, licking me and sometimes rubbing his rough cheek on my belly. I was squirming and writhing and moaning in pleasure when suddenly he bit me near my navel and I let out a loud ah!

Thank God for the loud cooler otherwise who knows who might have heard my moans.

He was close to the waistband of my shorts and started tracing its outline with his tongue. He would go up caressing my stomach and chest with his lips and come down.

It was simply exhilarating because every now and then along with his tongue I would feel his stubble prickle me here and there. I couldn’t resist bucking my hips every time this happened and he took advantage of this to pull down my shorts which were around my knees now.

He was now at my pubes and went further down along the thigh joints licking them and biting them. And suddenly, he engulfed my balls in his mouth.

Seducing homo story of a sexy rendezvous with a hot teacher

I let out a loud moan of surprise just as my hips lifted of their own volition. He was sucking my balls now and I was clutching the bedsheet for support. My dick was constantly bobbing and leaking copious amounts of cum.

His hands were holding my hips, lifting them lightly to give him better access to the area just below the scrotum which he was now wetting with his salivary juices.

He put me down and continued licking my balls as he moved up and gave a slow and deliberate lick to my dick. I moaned louder than ever and he started wagging his tongue around the shaft of my dick gradually moving up.

To be continued!

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