First bottoming story of a horny desi guy: 1

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First bottoming story: “Hello folks I am back with another story of mine. You can read my last story here. Here I will recount my experience of bottoming for the first time, that too bareback.

Till this experience, I was always versatile by preference, but I had never actually been a “bottom”. My earlier two instances of being a bottom with my fuck buddy were okayish, as he had a very small dick (by small I really mean a tiny one).

So again, a gist about me, I am 21 years old. Average height, a bit chubby, fair with a nice bubble butt. I have a 6-inch cut dick, which is quite thick.

Jumping back to the story, I had recently turned 20. The covid restrictions had been fully lifted and college was started and so were my adventures lol.

I got back on Grindr with the aim of finding some good fuck buddies near college. This was a good opportunity as many students lived nearby in either PGs or rented flats.

I found this guy, 27 almost, on the app. We talked for 2 days. He was not from the city and was here for work purposes. He had just post graduated and stayed in a rented rowhouse, alone.

One day we decided to meet. So, after college I went to his place, he was still working. About him – A geeky guy, about the same height as me.

But he was slim. We had a chat while he was still working, while I laid down on his bed.
“I am 27 and you are just 20. Are you fine with it?” he asked me.

“Yes I am totally fine with it” I replied.

Topic changed to how we started exploring ourselves. I told him about mine. Then he told his.

“I studied in IIT and stayed on campus hostel. We boys were too dedicated to studies that we had no time for girls. So, we started experimenting with each other. We roommates used to give each other handjobs.”

“Handjobs turned to blowjobs and blowjobs to fucking. We used to toss a coin and decide who will be the bottom for that day. We even used to engage in orgies and gangbangs on holidays.”

At that point I really don’t know if he was joking was it even real, but ngl it gave me a boner.

“Most of the guys claim themselves to be straight, till day. Some are bisexuals dating girls but still getting frisky with other guys. Some are still with guys only.”

He put his PC on sleep, came and sat on the bed, and laid down beside me. He then started asking me about my likes and other stuff where I mentioned, that I am verse, but I have never bottomed.

He then started playing some porn videos on his phone. A guy was fucking another guy while standing up. The bottom had nice big butt, while the top pounded him hard from the back. In another video the bottom was riding the top hard.

All his videos were just guys fucking hard in different positions. I think I knew what I was in for that day. And I swear I was scared. We both were hard in seconds.

We both were spooning, and I could clearly feel his boner poking my ass from his pants.

I then faced him and planted a kiss on his lips. He responded back and we started making out there on his bed. “Let’s get naked quickly” and he made me stand me.

“Remove my pants” he said while he was removing his T-shirt. He was wearing nothing underneath and he was already naked. (No wonder his boner was poking me lmao). He was hairy.

He had an almost 6.5 inches brown cock with a pink head. But it wasn’t as thick as mine. Pubes trimmed, but balls still hairy. Probably he liked it that way.

I then unbuttoned my shirt while he unbuckled my jeans. I was in my briefs. “Let them be on” he said and pulled me on him. I was sitting on his lap, my legs crossed behind him and he was sucking my nipples.

I was moaning with pleasure. He then adjusted his dick and humped me while looking above into my eyes.

He then laid back and removed my undies. He then pushed my head down towards his dick and I started sucking on it. He was moaning with pleasure.

I sucked on his balls too. I asked him to fuck my mouth, but he denied. He had plans to fuck something else that day. That’s when his Microsoft teams rang. He was getting a work call. And I got the naughtiest idea…

He went to his table to attend the call on his PC. He wore his T-shirt back, as he had to keep his camera on. It was a visual treat to look at.

Him in just a T-shirt, with a raging boner resting against his stomach, pointed straight upwards. He kept tugging at it in between. That was my cue.

I went down and kneeled before him, my face between his thighs, his bulging cock just in front of me. He looked down at me and I gave him a naughty grin.

He nodded back. And in no time, his dick was in my mouth again. He let out a soft moan, someone on the other side must have really wonder what happened.

I then almost feasted on his dick. I gently pushed his foreskin back, gave licks just on his slit. He held me with his thighs. Then I traced a line on his dick. Back and forth.

Then started sucking on his head like you would lick a lollipop. His thighs gripped around me tighter, giving me the sign that I am doing my best.

“Okay, lets discuss on next call”, the call was over. He looked at me, my head between his thighs. He picked me up and threw me on the bed.

He came on top of me and started to kiss me wildly, so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Then he went down to my nipples and started biting them. I did not hold back my moans and moaning real hard.

First bottoming story of a hot and horny gay man

He then made me sit on his face while he rimmed me hard. He bit me there, smelled me, tongue fucked me. He was totally preparing me for him. “Sit on my dick,” he grunted.

I then moved back and sat on his cock, but not taking it in. I started grinding my hips on it and he was on cloud nine. He pushed his head back and said, “Stop or I will cum”.

I slowed my pace down. “I wanna fuck you” he mouthed. He then reached for the bottle of coconut oil from the table…..

I will post the rest of the story in the next part, stay tuned!

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